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Student hires carry out a wide range of jobs in offices, labs, warehouses and production plants that operate shift rosters. It is not always possible to guarantee a job that reflects your course of study, but we will endeavor to do so wherever possible.

During semester vacations we employ students from all disciplines. Most student hires work at our sites in Leverkusen, Berlin, Dormagen, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Monheim and Frankfurt. In addition, we sometimes offer part-time employment to students during the semester. The requirements for these positions are specified in the vacancy notices in our job search portal.

Student jobs in the summer vacation

The following application conditions and employment periods apply for the summer vacation:

  • Application period: January 13 to April 30
  • Min. employment period for students from universities other higher education institutions: 8 weeks
  • Max. employment period: 3 months

Student jobs in the winter vacation

The following application conditions and employment periods apply for the winter vacation:

  • Application period: August 1 to October 31
  • Min. employment period for university students: 8 weeks
  • Min. employment period for students from other higher education institutions: 4 weeks
  • Max. employment period: 3 months

Your application

Student hire positions are not advertised on our job search portal. Students looking for full-time employment during vacations should apply in the application periods specified above using our online application form.

Please note that as a student hire you must still be studying, i.e. you have not taken your final examinations. As a “Fair Company,” we are unable to offer student hire positions to students who are not continuing their studies after the vacation. We recommend such students to visit our job search portal to view vacancies for career entrants.

Students who are interested in part-time employment at Bayer while they are studying may occasionally find suitable vacancies on our job search portal. Please note that such positions are only posted when vacancies are available. You should apply directly in response to the specific vacancy or set up a job alert with your candidate profile. 

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