Scholarships at Bayer

For an innovation company like Bayer, young up-and-coming talent is fundamental to long-term success. The company therefore promotes science and research, developement of talents and furthermore improvement of education through its fondation "Bayer Science & Education Foundation". The "Bayer Fellowship Program" offers a range of scholarships to ambitioned students, these scholarships help young talents domestically and abroad to start their working life successfully. Our goal is to assist the next generation of researchers, physicians and teachers to develop their career opportunities as they engage in “Science for a Better Life”.

The students benefit not only from financial support but also from the experience of former scholarship recipients. The Fellowship Program enables students to keep in touch and provides tailor-made opportunities for internships and professional contact with research scientists and former scholarship students. One of the most important aspects of the Bayer Fellowship Program is the international.Therefore exclusively projects in a foreign country of the applicant will supported: from Germany abroad or abroad to Germany.The scholarships concern different fields and target groups:

Otto Bayer Scholarship
Biology and molecular biology, biotechnology, bioengineering and bioinformatics / computational life sciences, chemistry and biochemistry as well as pharmaceutics & drug discovery

Carl Duisberg Scholarship
Human and veterinary medicine, public health, medical sciences and medical engineering

Kurt Hansen Scholarship
Science teachers in chemistry and biology

Hermann Strenger Scholarship
Trainees and young professionals with a non-academic background working in the areas of technology, natural sciences, health care and business

Jeff Schell Scholarship
Agricultural sciences and agronomy, crop protection, seeds and green biotechnology, environmental sciences and agricultural sustainability

More information about the International Fellowship Program

Further programs of the Bayer Science & Education Foundation:

Bayer Lindau Fellows
Enables yound scientists to take part in the annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

Further information about the scholarships, additional programs and the online application forms can be found at the Homepage of the Bayer foundation.

Get to know our scholarship students


Sebastian Stark: as scholarship student at Harvard

Sebastian Stark is studying chemistry and for the past few months he has been researching for his master’s dissertation at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. His stay in Boston has been made possible by an Otto Bayer scholarship.

Milena Tryfon: as scholarship student at Aachen

Milena Tryfon from Łochów, Poland, is studying biomedical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, sponsored by the Otto Bayer scholarship of the Bayer foundation.


Science for a better life with the Otto Bayer Scholarship

Although Physics was not explicitly listed, Daniel applied for the scholarship and received a confirmation. Read on the Bayer Career Blog about his experiences and learnings and how Daniel contributed to delivering Science For A Bettter Life.

Good prospects for biotechnologists

In his post for the Bayer Career Blog, Patrick Grossmann reports on his experiences to date in the Bayer Science Foundation’s scholarship program, from financial plannability and going abroad, to in-depth insight into the work culture at Bayer.

Bayer fellow: Post-doctoral researcher in a peaceful state of mind

Irina Delidovich is 29 years old and currently she works as a research fellow and group leader in the ITMC (Institut für Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie) RWTH Aachen University. On our Bayer career blog she tells you about her experience as a Bayer scholarship student.