Internships and theses in IT

Bayer sees IT as a key technology. Digital processes and solutions are extremely important for many business processes – from research to sales. There are therefore challenging internship opportunities throughout the IT Community, i.e. in a wide variety of departments at Bayer AG, at the CIO Office, in our divisions, service companies and country organizations.

What we offer

As an international science-based company we are passionate about innovations that improve the way people live in our world. Bayer offers an open and inspiring environment.


We encourage you to question the status quo and think ahead. It takes imagination, ambition and courage to find answers to society's most pressing questions.


We offer many ways for you to deepen the knowledge you have acquired at university. At the same time, you will find out more about working for an international corporation, and about our corporate culture and career opportunities offered by Bayer.


As a student you can get to know our IT through an internship.  The spectrum of our IT activities ranges from Business IT and Business engineering disciplines through IT for Research & Development or Computational Life Science to IT for Marketing & Sales or Supply Chain Management.


Some of our departments also offer students the opportunity to write their thesis on a topic related to work processes within the business unit. Note: a prior internship makes it easier to choose an interesting topic and a suitable advisor.

What you offer

For an internship within IT at Bayer you have already completed your first semesters with very good grades in computer science, business studies, engineering with business studies, IT with business studies, environmental science with business studies or computational life sciences. And now you have the ambition to put your theoretical knowledge in practice in a company that is famous for its enabling IT.


If you are interested in working with Bayer on your undergraduate dissertation, you should have excellent examination grades and already found a lecturer from your university who supports and assesses the work and agrees the topic. 


Since our IT solutions result from interdisciplinary teamwork, you need the necessary personal skill set to complement your theoretical qualifications. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to bring about change. Team spirit, initiative and good communication skills are important. You also need to be flexible and mobile, with a sense of responsibility and an interest in finding solutions. Further, you should have good language skills, in particular English.



Current opportunities for internships

Please find under the following link the currently available opportunities for internships and theses within IT at Bayer. Additional internships or theses in other departments, which could also have a dedicated IT part, can be found via the job search. Our hint: Use different key words for your search, in German and English, to get the best results.

Current internships in IT

Work in Information Technology

Bayer's global alignment and organization means that an efficient, highly integrated and standardized global IT architecture is essential, along with specialized IT solutions tailored perfectly to users' needs. Learn more about the IT at Bayer:


Work in Information Technology

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