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Our business activities are focused on areas demanding scientific expertise, experience and creativity: health care and agriculture. “Science For A Better Life” is the motto to which we have committed ourselves. As a company that in future will more closely pursue a strategy of innovation and growth than in the past, Bayer is relying more than ever before on the knowledge and enormous potential of its employees. A key aspect here is an excellent education, especially at the universities on which Bayer – as an inventor company – depends. A core component of many areas of university education is a practical internship that supplements the theory learned. We offer students from many different disciplines the opportunity to gain practical experience that underpins their studies. In return, our company gains many new ideas. This results in an exchange from which everyone benefits!

Every year, around 700 students take up an internship at one of Bayer’s German sites. The offering ranges from internships for engineering and law students to a practical year for pharmacy students, to name but a few. We also offer around 50 internships at our subsidiaries around the world and ca. 100 students were able to complete their graduate or doctoral theses under supervision at Bayer, an important stepping stone in starting a career.


Speaking of which, Bayer recruits ca. 400 university graduates to its German companies per year. It goes without saying that these young people will be offered attractive employment contracts. We know that the success of our company depends in large part on the commitment, motivation and skills of our employees. We consider it a matter of course to apply the points incorporated in the Fair Company Initiative and to lend this campaign our active support.

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