Bayer Campus Challenge 2016


What will your future workplace look like? What could it be like in terms of office environment and atmosphere? What technologies would you like to work with in future? And what would you rather avoid?

Answers to these questions were provided to us in October 2016 by the 24 participants of the first Bayer Campus Challenge, who developed their own, innovative concepts for the workplace of the future. They enthusiastically took the opportunity to help shape the future and contribute to our mission: “Bayer: Science For A Better Life.” We were interested in the ideas and visions of students in all disciplines.


Reasons for participation:

  • Discover Bayer
  • Enjoy professional coaching
  • Experience innovative techniques and creative, new methods
  • Pitch and win


Their first task was to tour our offices and laboratories and survey the work environment and technological equipment at Bayer today. The participants then worked in four teams of six to develop their own, future concepts for the “next-generation workplace.” They were encouraged to give their ideas free rein, also in artistic terms. Bayer experts supported the participants by providing expertise, experience, special creative methods, such as the design thinking process, and intensive public speaking training. The participants pitched their concepts on the final day, when the winning team was able to impress the jury most and win the trip to Berlin.


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BayArena stadium

Normally the venue for premier soccer games, the BayArena stadium in Leverkusen should help you create visions of champion quality. With a capacity of 30,000, the stadium is the ideal environment. And the light and spacious conference rooms there will give us plenty of space for creative thought. It’s the perfect location for developing our concepts. If we’ve aroused your curiosity, check out the website at:


Bayer’s Communications Center, known as BayKomm, and its open spaces constitute one of the most innovative areas on the Bayer campus. It will be reopening in September 2016 following extensive remodeling. As the Grand Final of the Bayer Campus Challenge, the presentation pitch will be one of the first events to take place in the newly designed rooms at BayKomm. Find out more on: