Bayer and Enactus – a good team with a long history


Making the world a little bit better – that’s the goal of more than 30 Enactus university teams in Germany. Working within charity programs, they develop business ideas and strategies to sustainably solve social, environmental and economic problems. In this context, they always endeavor to give people the opportunity to found their own company locally from within the project and thus create long-term value.

Doing something good together – that’s what students can learn at Enactus

Enactus was founded in the United States in 1975 under the name “SIFE” and renamed Enactus in 2012. The name is comprised of the first letters of the organization’s three principles: “entrepreneurial,” “action” and “us.” “Entrepreneurial” stands for the business spirit of the program, “action” for the active shaping of projects on behalf of disadvantaged people, and “us” for our common values. With more than 37 independent country organizations and over 60,000 students, Enactus today is one of the largest non-political, non-profit student organizations in the world.

Projects for the needy

Enactus students organize in teams at their respective universities and initiate their own entrepreneurial projects to solve social, economic and environmental challenges and support needy people all around the world. The students apply an entrepreneurial mindset and business methods with the aim of giving people the skills to take over the projects themselves and independently maintain them over the long term. The Enactus teams are supported by various partner companies and universities.

What is Bayer’s role in Enactus?

Enactus has operated in Germany since 2003 and is now represented at 41 universities. A total of 30 companies support Enactus in Germany, and Bayer is among the main sponsors.

Each year we participate in the “Students meet enterprises” career fair, offer special workshops for teams and team leaders and support Enactus teams as sponsors and judges within the scope of our corporate social responsibility. We help the students with questions about such aspects as project work, task delegation, cost planning or time management.

Worldcup 2016: And the secon place goes to … Enactus Aachen!

The Enactus World Cup

Once a year, the Enactus university teams compete against one another with their projects. A jury comprising representatives of the Enactus partner companies first determines the participants for the national finals in Germany through “Regional Cups.” The winner of the National Cup  then competes in the World Cup.


More information on the Enactus World Cup can be found on the internet at

Enactus as a cooperation partner

At Enactus, students learn first hand what it means to combine free-market entrepreneurship with social responsibility and improve the lives of disadvantaged people through their projects. In this way, Enactus pursues a very similar philosophy to our mission: “Bayer: Science For A Better Life.” Because at Bayer, we also want to make people’s lives better every day with our work. Enactus is therefore an outstanding partner for us and an excellent opportunity to get to know qualified, dedicated and talented young people from all around the world.


Are you interested in Enactus? For further information, visit the Enactus website or contact Bayer’s Talent Marketing Team at


Making the world a little bit better

Christoph Kallenberg is 24 years old and he is doing a master’s program in industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University with a focus on mechanical engineering. From September until December 2016, he completed a voluntary internship in the Operational Excellence Supply Chain unit of the Corporate Engineering & Technology function at Bayer. On the Bayer career blog he would like to explain to you what connects Bayer and Enactus and what both mean to him.

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