Chemists for R&D

At Bayer you will be part of a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. As an innovation company, we also set standards in research. Bayer is an international science-based company that is passionate about innovations that improve the way people live in our world.

Opportunities for chemists

Bayer offers an open and inspiring environment. We will encourage you to question the status quo and think ahead. It takes imagination, ambition and courage to find answers to society's most pressing questions.

Our pharmaceuticals and crop science divisions offer a range of exciting opportunities in all areas of chemistry. You might develop new synthesis routes and methods, optimize and operate production processes or carry out research into new materials. Alternatively, you could start your career at Currenta or Bayer Business Services. These service companies offer interesting opportunities in the following areas: analytics, patents, environmental protection, information technology, management consulting/inhouse consulting and technical chemistry.

Personal experience

Tobias Thaler got to know Bayer through a postdoc workshop for chemists. Following a postdoc in the United States, he is now a laboratory manager working in Medical Chemistry at the pharmaceuticals division in Wuppertal, Germany. Medical Chemistry synthesizes new compounds for various steps in the pre-clinical research process. That includes substances for screening and the synthesis of combinatorial libraries in the milligram range for hit-to-lead evaluation and lead optimization. In addition, advanced active ingredients are produced on a kilogram scale for in-depth biological profiling as pre-clinical development candidates.



Marion Hitchcock conducts research into medicines at Bayer to improve life. As a lab head in Medical Chemistry at Bayer in Berlin, her job is to look for active substances for new medications. We spent a day filming her and talked to her about how she came to Bayer, her exciting daily work and what drives her.


What you offer

To join Bayer, you need to have obtained your chemistry degree quickly and with above-average grades and broadened your professional skills by taking a doctoral or postdoc program. In addition, you have gained initial practical experience through internships, student jobs or as a scientific assistant at university. Since our new products always result from interdisciplinary teamwork, you need the necessary personal skillset to complement your professional qualifications. Team spirit, initiative and good communication skills are important. You also need to be flexible and mobile, with a sense of responsibility and an interest in finding solutions. Further, you should have spent some time studying abroad or have intercultural experience and good language skills, in particular English. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to bring about change.

What we offer

As a chemist at Bayer, you will be assigned to a specific area from the beginning. Following a successful start, you will have opportunities to work in different fields in Germany and abroad in the course of your career. For example, you could broaden your experience through job rotation or qualify for one of the many managerial positions which are open to chemists.

Employee profile

Bernd Riedl has already scored some major successes in his career as a chemist at Bayer. In 2004, together with some of his colleagues, he was awarded the Otto Bayer Medal - the highest accolade for scientific work at Bayer - for the development of sorafenib, the active ingredient for the cancer drug Nexavar®. Read the full article in research, the Bayer scientific magazine.

The most relevant information about entry and career opportunities for chemists are available in the career onepager.

Your application

Current job vacancies are available via the job search. Please use different search terms to find all suitable postings. Some of our open positions for professionals with the search term chemistry are listed here.