Bioscientists for the life science company

At Bayer you will be part of a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. As an innovation company, we also set standards in research. Bayer is an international science-based company that is passionate about innovations that improve the way people live in our world.

Wide-ranging career prospects

We offer bioscientists a wide variety of exciting opportunities, especially at Bayer Health- Care and Bayer CropScience. At Bayer HealthCare you will be engaged in research, development or production of prescription drugs or products to maintain the health of animals. At Bayer CropScience you will work on new crop protection agents and highquality seeds. Alternatively, you might start your career in Environmental Services at Currenta, where you will apply and develop analytical methods and processes for the treatment of water and test the environmental compatibility of substances.


Bayer offers interesting opportunities for bioscientists in the following areas:

  • Research and development
  • Active ingredient research
  • Toxicology
  • Analytics
  • Registration
  • Quality control
  • Product management, marketing & sales

What you offer

To join Bayer, you need to have completed your university degree in good time and with above-average grades and preferably have gained some initial practical experience in industry. A PhD is normally required for positions in R&D. Since all of our products result from interdisciplinary teamwork, you need the necessary personal skillset to complement your professional qualifications. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to bring about change. Team spirit, initiative and good communication skills are important. You also need to be flexible and mobile, with a sense of responsibility and an interest in finding solutions. Further, you should have spent some time studying abroad and have intercultural experience and good language skills, in particular English.

What we offer

As an international science-based company we are passionate about innovations that improve the way people live in our world. Bayer offers an open and inspiring environment. We encourage you to question the status quo and think ahead. It takes imagination, ambition and courage to find answers to society‘s most pressing questions.

As a bioscientist at Bayer, you will be assigned to a specific area from the beginning. Following a successful start, you will have opportunities to work in different fields in Germany and abroad in the course of your career. For example, you could broaden your experience through job rotation or qualify for one of the many managerial positions which are open to bioscientists.


The most relevant information about entry and career opportunities for bioscientists at Bayer are available in the career onepager.


Good prospects for biotechnologists

In his post for the Bayer Career Blog, Patrick Grossmann reports on his experiences to date in the Bayer Science Foundation’s scholarship program, from financial plannability and going abroad, to in-depth insight into the work culture at Bayer. And of course he has some dreams for the future as well!

Your application

Current job vacancies are available via the job search. Please use different search terms to find all suitable postings. Some of our open positions for professionals with the search term biology are listed here.


Job Search

Bayer has launched a new recruiting system that makes it faster and easier for you to apply. Therefore we have two Login-possibilities:

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Online application - Login for applications after October 23, 2017

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