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Bayer is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of agriculture. We aim to improve people’s lives with better health and nutrition, and develop innovative products and solutions that benefit farmers, people and our planet. The principles of sustainable development are at the heart of what we do and deeply ingrained in every aspect of our business.

We’re living in exciting times. By 2050, there will be approximately 10 billion people on Earth for us to feed. We’re very passionate about rising to this colossal task. And, in doing so, it’s important that we strike a balance between the needs of all people and those of our environment. To achieve this, we need highly motivated agricultural experts who share our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Fields of work for agricultural scientists

Whether it’s working inside or outdoors, on the road or in an office, lab, greenhouse or field, nationally or globally – as an agricultural scientist in the Crop Science Division, the areas you work in can be just as diverse as your possible responsibilities. Depending on your experience and interests, there are many attractive career opportunities open to you around the world in positions with a high degree of responsibility.

Have you completed practical training in horticulture or agriculture and, ideally, also obtained a degree in agricultural science? Are you interested in developing new, future-oriented solutions for better, sustainable agriculture through independent and hands-on field work? Then the testing department of Bayer Crop Science is the place for you.

As a test engineer, you’ll be working independently on a test site or directly in farmers’ fields made up of various plots. There you will examine the effect and compatibility of new crop protection products and develop innovative solutions. One of your responsibilities will be to oversee tests at demonstration sites in close collaboration with the sales team and product developers. You’ll also be expected to prepare test reports in which you evaluate development products. On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with farmers and major customers from the area about current and future agricultural trends and cultivating the fields, and also help them tackle problems by proposing solutions you have developed in the field.

Your work will make a major contribution toward protecting crops and the environment, and toward the sustainable development of agriculture. You will show local farmers sustainable agricultural techniques and strategies to ensure safety in their everyday work. You should be willing to collaborate with various farmers, actively share your knowledge with them and be able to manage your own time effectively. You should have plenty of self-motivation when it comes to bringing your love of agriculture to your work.

As a test engineer, it’s important that you enjoy working independently and can do so on your own initiative. You will carry out tests in a variety of agricultural and horticultural plantations and applications based on your particular specialization.

I’m proud to be a test engineer because I want to see agriculture thrive in the future. With the skills we have here at Bayer, we’re able to develop sustainable solutions.


As a product developer at Bayer, you will help farmers achieve higher yields and make it possible for them to grow food successfully in rural areas with difficult climate conditions, for example. New active ingredients for insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and seed dressings are being tested in small-scale trials before being optimized, rolled out to all test sites and developed into products. Devising test protocols for the countries, coordinating tests around the world and analyzing, interpreting and presenting the results will form part of your day-to-day work – as will reviewing tests on site.

You will collaborate closely with our Research and Development team to develop the best possible product. You will also liaise with test site managers and technicians on site to ensure everything runs smoothly. Together with Regulatory Affairs, you will make sure “your” products are approved for commercial release on schedule to ensure a successful market launch with the help of the Marketing & Sales staff.

Depending on your experience, you can join the Product Development team at either the national or global level. As a junior product developer, for instance, you’ll become acquainted with processes and workflows at the local level and then progress into a global managing position. As an expert, you’ll oversee the development of products and recommend specific applications. You’ll also support individual countries with any issues they may have. By conducting targeted lifecycle management, you’ll help our products achieve a longer, more productive service life.

Although we’re based in Monheim, we communicate with our international colleagues every day. That said, actually visiting our test sites around the world – from California to Japan – is one of the things I enjoy most about my job.


If you already have years of professional experience, you also have the opportunity to join Crop Science as a customer marketing or development manager in Germany or to gradually progress into these positions. Thanks to the experience you’ve gained in field sales or in agricultural trade, a position of this kind will allow you to play an active role in managing our business. You will also be responsible for a particular product or product group throughout its entire lifecycle. As such, you will essentially act as the link between the individual specialist departments, such as Research, Toxicology, Product Safety, etc.

One of your tasks will be implementing innovative marketing concepts on both a strategic and operative level. This involves, among other things, training the sales teams so that they have all the necessary background information and can make convincing arguments that will secure product sales. You’ll also be tasked with supporting our contacts in official testing by giving recommendations, and evaluating and implementing test results.

Joining the Key Account Management team could prove to be a very interesting development opportunity. Your job would be to devise new strategies and solutions to add to our range for one major customer or a special group of customers in collaboration with the Development, Registration, Supply Chain, and Marketing & Sales units. What’s more, the global Crop Science organization offers a variety of exciting career opportunities worldwide.

Bayer supports me a lot in terms of my personal development. I’ve seen and learned so much in such a short space of time, while still having enough time for my family and friends – which I really appreciate.

As part of the Crop Science field or sales team, you will be working with customers at their premises on a daily basis. With your in-depth knowledge of our products, you’ll play an active role in bringing them to market. Thanks to your extensive experience in the crop protection industry, you’ll also advise farmers, wholesalers, producer groups and anyone selling our products about the current season, weather conditions or pest epidemics. Your responsibilities will also include responding to queries, analyzing and clarifying problems, and handling complaints.

Most of our sales staff grew up in the agricultural sector and put their heart and soul into their work, so they see our customers as equals with whom they build and maintain close relationships. There’s more to the job than just long car journeys – you’ll also be in the fields with your rubber boots on, trying to find the best possible products, solutions and applications to ensure a plentiful harvest. All the while, you’ll remain in close contact with the Marketing team, who will regularly provide you with results from the latest studies and advise you on expanding established products and bringing new solutions to market.

After joining our German sales company as an agricultural sales advisor, you will, for example, be able to specialize in particular product groups and progress into a team leader position, the Marketing department or the global Crop Science organization.

There are two hearts beating inside my chest – my farmer heart and my Bayer heart. I always tell my customers I’m just like them. With agricultural sales, either you put your heart and soul into, or you don’t do it at all.

What we offer

As one of our agricultural scientists, you’ll be welcomed into an inspiring and open working environment. We encourage you to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. Working in a dynamic and result-oriented interdisciplinary team, you’ll be given a great deal of personal responsibility as you work on our products for the future. As strong believers in lifelong learning, we help employees in all our units broaden their knowledge and skills and keep up with the latest changes throughout their careers so that they can achieve their full potential.

What you offer

To join Bayer, you need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in agricultural science with a specialization in plants or biology. Ideally, you should have several years of experience in crop protection or knowledge of plant pathology, coupled with data science skills. It may also be helpful if you have already expanded upon your expertise by pursuing a doctorate.

You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion for plants. We’re looking for applicants with a pioneering spirit who are open to new perspectives to well-known challenges and have the drive and fortitude to put their own ideas into practice, and deliver and present their results. Breaking new ground often requires courage and the determination to go above and beyond traditional approaches.

It’s not just your professional qualifications we’re interested in – we also want to know what you’re like as a person. You can set yourself apart from other applicants by demonstrating personal initiative and excellent teamworking and communication skills. You also need to be flexible and willing to travel, with a sense of responsibility and an interest in finding solutions. Ideally, you should also have spent some time studying abroad or have intercultural experience and good language skills, particularly in English.

Trainee programs for graduates

For young professionals joining Bayer Crop Science as crop consultants or to work in the phytopharmaceutical industry, we offer the Phyto Sourcing Trainee Program. The Trainee Program in Marketing, Sales & Development provides insights into the organization, workflows and activities of our national sales organization. Both programs last 24 months and open up a wide range of development opportunities both in Germany and abroad.

Your application

You can find details of current vacancies on our job search page. Please search using both German and English terms as some vacancies are only advertised in one of these languages. Click here for a selection of positions for experienced professionals with the keyword “Crop Science”.


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