Kiel is the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein and, with 240,000 residents, Germany’s northernmost major city. Situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Kiel is the end of the line for the world’s most heavily travelled, man-made waterway: the Kiel Canal.


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Bayer HealthCare

KVP Pharma + Veterinär

Produkte GmbH

Projensdorfer Straße 324

D-24106 Kiel

Ph.: +49 431 3820 0


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Workforce Approx. 700
Divisions & service companies

Animal Health



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Bayer HealthCare
KVP Pharma + Veterinär
Produkte GmbH
Projensdorfer Str. 324
24106 Kiel
Phone: +49 431 3820 0
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Frequently asked questions about the Kiel site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Kiel mainly work?

At the Animal Health Supply Center in Kiel, 600 employees work in production and logistics. About 50 percent of all animal health products sold by Bayer worldwide and shipped to over 70 countries are produced in Kiel. The company's core competencies include the production of solid and semisolid dosage forms, liquids and parenterals, as well as packaging.

Why is the North Sea - Baltic Sea canal called the Kiel Canal?

The canal ends at Kiel-Holtenau and is therefore referred to in international maritime navigation as the Kiel Canal. The canal, just under 100 kilometers long, is the most-traveled, man-made waterway in the world. Built originally for military purposes, it is mainly used today for cargo shipping between the Baltic Sea countries and the rest of the world.  

What other bodies of water are near Kiel?

The city is directly on the Kiel Fjord. In contrast to the Kiel Canal, this area is a natural landscape. The 17-kilometer-long fjord on the Baltic Sea was formed during the last Ice Age by glacial movement. The landscape around the fjord has numerous destinations for day-outings and adventures.

What is the most well-known major event held in Kiel?

Hands down: Kiel Week ! This sailing regatta has been held regularly in Kiel since the late 19th century. It is considered the largest sailing event in the world. Over the years, it has been transformed into a public festival and, with three million visitors a year, it is also one of the biggest summer festivals in Northern Europe. There is something for everyone thanks to the over 2,000 entertainment, cultural, science, political, business and athletic events. Kiel Week is held every year during the last full week of June.

Which culinary specialties are a must in Kiel?

“Kieler Sprotten” is a northern German fish specialty, made from the European sprat, a herring-like species of fish. The fish is smoked and packaged in flat wooden boxes for retailers and end consumers. Because the fish have very soft, thin bones, they can be consumed whole. “Real Kiel sprat” must originate from greater Kiel Bay. Incidentally, Kiel natives also are named after these smoked fish.

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