Grundhof is a small town in Schleswig-Flensburg county, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Although the village has less than 900 residents, it has quite a lot to offer: Grundhof is a state-certified spa resort, earned a silver medal in the national Making our town more beautiful - Our town has a future competition in 1986, and was the state winner of the 1996 Eco-Friendly Town competition.


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Streichmühler Str. 8,

24977 Grundhof

Tel.: +49 4636 978 9710


The Grundhof site at a glance:

Workforce Approx. 17
Divisions & service companies

Crop Science



Address for visitors:

Streichmühler Str. 8,
24977 Grundhof
Phone: +49 4636 978 9710
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Frequently asked questions about the Grundhof site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Grundhof mainly work?

In Grundhof in Schleswig-Holstein, around 20 employees in the Crop Science division rear and ship winter and summer oilseed rape for the European market. Grundhof is a competence center for seed breeding, with a product line encompassing ten summer and 25 winter varieties of oilseed rape.

What is special about Grundhof?

The residents of Grundhof are known for their community involvement. For example, Grundhof won the silver medal in the 1986 national competition Making our town more beautiful (today: Our town has a future). In 1996, Grundhof also was the state winner of the Eco-Friendly Town competition.

Are there any historic monuments in the area?

A museum of local history is located in the neighboring town of Bönstrup. The museum is located in a “Dreiseithof” typical of the region. This term describes farm complexes in which the buildings form three sides of a square. The farming estate, to which the museum belongs, was built in 1854.

How far is Grundhof from the Baltic Sea?

Grundhof is just a few kilometers away from the Baltic Sea coast and Flensburg Fjord, through which the national boundary of Denmark and Germany runs. The fjord is named after the town at its very tip, Flensburg. This extension of the Baltic Sea also forms its westernmost point.

What does the region have to offer tourists?

Just ten kilometers from Grundhof is Glücksburg, a beach town on the Baltic Sea. It lies directly on Flensburg Fjord and offers visitors a view of neighboring Denmark. The town on the fjord is an oasis for everyone interested in nature, wellness and sports. Visitors can take a tour on a sailboat, sail themselves, or even take sailing lessons.

What is the best destination in Denmark for a day-outing?

One beautiful day-excursion is to the Danish city of Sonderburg. It is situated on Alssund Strait and Sonderburg Bay – part of Flensburg Fjord. The city is partly on the mainland and partly on Alsen Island. The two sections are connected by a bridge. Sonderburg Old Town has several beautiful buildings in the Art Nouveau style. The trip can easily be made using public transportation.

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