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Frankfurt am Main, with its population of 700,000, is the largest city in the state of Hesse. Some 300,000 people commute every day to work in this financial center. Because of its skyline, unique in Germany, Frankfurt is sometimes referred to as Mainhattan. Germany’s largest airport is also located in Frankfurt, making it a hub of international transportation. With the many museums on its Museumsufer along the Main River, Frankfurt is one of the most significant museum locations in Germany and Europe.


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Industriepark Höchst
Building K 801
65926 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel.: +49 69 305-6699


The Frankfurt site at a glance:

Workforce Approx. 850
Divisions & service companies

Crop Science

Bayer Business Services


Industriepark Höchst
Building C 595
65926 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 305-6699
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Frequently asked questions about the Frankfurt site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Frankfurt mainly work?

About 800 employees of the Crop Science division work at the Frankfurt site, chiefly in research and development and production. They develop new active ingredients for herbicides and insecticides, produce them on site and package them as ready-to-use products. In the fall of 2014, CropScience in Frankfurt inaugurated a new Weed Resistance Competence Center. Bayer Business Services, a Bayer service company, also has employees in Frankfurt, who provide local support to their Crop Science colleagues.

In what part of Frankfurt is Bayer located?

Bayer is located in the Höchst Industrial Park, in Frankfurt’s Höchst district. Known primarily for being the headquarters of the former Höchst company, this neighborhood has a lot to offer. The quaint Old Town, with its half-timbered houses, is a protected historic site. The Höchst quarter can even boast two palaces. Situated in front of one of them is the idyllic Schlossplatz, a square lined with restaurants where people can relax, for instance after a bike tour along the Main.

Can you enjoy the outdoors in or around Frankfurt?

  • Taunus

Right outside the gates of Germany’s financial hub is the second-highest mountain range in the Hessian Central Uplands, the Taunus. It is the ideal destination for getting away from it all to hike, mountain-bike or visit old Roman border fortifications. Hikers will find a variety of places to stop for a bite to eat on the way to the top of the 879-meter Great Feldberg mountain.


Information on the Taunus region


  • Nidda Park

Frankfurt’s largest park is located close to the Höchst quarter: Nidda Park, with its 168 hectares, offers meadows, woodlands, community gardens and athletic facilities. Its name comes from its location on the banks of the Nidda river. The Nidda flows around Frankfurt’s downtown, emptying into the Main River near the Höchst quarter.


Information on Nidda Park and directions


  • Main Riverwalk

The people of Frankfurt have gradually taken back the southern bank of the Main River from industry in recent years. The expansive Main Riverwalk is the perfect place for taking a stroll, roller-blading or cycling; its open fields are ideal for relaxing or having a picnic. From here, Frankfurt residents can enjoy a view of the skyline on the opposite shore.


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What does Frankfurt have to offer people interested in art?

The Frankfurt Museumsufer along the Main River is one of the most significant museum locations in Germany and Europe. With unique cultural events on both sides of the Main, the city has acquired an excellent reputation among art lovers. The southern bank alone boasts a string of nine museums. Twice a year they attract special attention: During the annual Museum Night, when all museums in Frankfurt and neighboring Offenbach are open, and during the Museum Riverbank Festival, held annually in August, one of the most prominent and largest cultural festivals in Europe.


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Museum Riverbank Festival

What are Frankfurt’s most famous landmarks?

The city’s landmarks are a blend of the modern and historic. Frankfurt is primarily famous for its office towers, which create a skyline unique in Europe. One special attraction is the MAIN TOWER. It is the only skyscraper with an observation deck and restaurant that are open to the public. Frankfurt’s most famous historical landmark is its town hall, the Römer. At the proud age of 600 years, it is one of Germany’s oldest and most beautiful town halls. Its fame spread from the celebrations held here to honor the German national soccer team, whose players used to be received at the Römer after major competitions and who waved to fans from the building’s balcony.


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Information on Frankfurt’s highest observation deck

What are some of Frankfurt’s must-try culinary specialties?

“Handkäs’ mit Musik” (sour milk cheese with onions) and Frankfurt cider may take some getting used to, but they are a fixture of Frankfurt’s culinary scene. These specialties are best enjoyed in one of the traditional cider pubs located in the Sachsenhausen quarter. Those who want to combine their “Ebbelwei” (apple wine = cider) with a sightseeing tour, can simply hop on the streetcar of the same name, the “Ebbelwei Express.”


Ebbelwei Express

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