Current vacancies in Dormagen

Bayer also offers interesting entry opportunities in Dormagen. We are always looking for highly skilled and qualified staff and experts. This overview lists all current vacancies offered by Bayer in Dormagen.

If you are looking for a job in a special functional area please use our job search to find all matching job offers. If you are interested in applying for an advertised position you can directly submit your application on the linked job posting detail page. Please find tips for your application in our application guide.


In case none of the open vacancies and job postings fits your skills and qualifications in Dormagen you are welcome to upload your applicant profile and get feedback as soon as we publish an appropriate vacancy.

Job Posting Published Country Location
CAE-Administrator Intergraph S3D (m/w) Apr 23, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Digital Excellence Intern (m/f) Apr 20, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Starthilfe Programm (m/w) Apr 19, 2018 Germany Dormagen
PCT Plant Engineer (m/f) Apr 16, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Fachkraft im Gastgewerbe m/w (Schwerpunkt Küche) - Ausbildung Dormagen 2018 Apr 15, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Regional Manager for Xarelto Medical Specialist Field Force (m/f) Apr 14, 2018 Germany Jena
Senior Project Engineer for Pharmaceutical Plants (m/f) Apr 14, 2018 Germany Wuppertal
Project Engineer for Pharmaceutical Plants (m/f) Apr 14, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Second Plant Manager Production Agrochemicals (m/f) Apr 14, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Chemikant Wechselschicht Produktion Agrochemikalien (m/w) Apr 13, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Lead Engineer - 3D Space Management (m/f) Apr 12, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Expert for Engineering Systems Support (m/f) Apr 12, 2018 Germany Grenzach
Key Account Manager Radiology - Northrine-Westfalia (m/f) Apr 11, 2018 Germany Wermelskirchen
Fachbauleiter Industrie- und Gewerbebau (m/w) Apr 10, 2018 Germany Leverkusen
Head Manufacturing Science & Technology (m/f) - Parenterals Apr 7, 2018 Germany Jena
Manufacturing IT Expert (m/f) Apr 6, 2018 Germany Leverkusen
Senior Project Manager Manufacturing IT (m/f) Apr 4, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Ausbildung zum Mechatroniker (m/w) Apr 3, 2018 Germany Dormagen
PAT Applikateur (m/w) Mar 31, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Chemielaborant (m/w) Mar 28, 2018 Germany Dormagen
Chemikant Wechselschicht Produktion Agrochemikalien (m/w) Mar 28, 2018 Germany Dormagen

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