The town of Dormagen is surrounded by the cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne and Mönchengladbach and part of the Rhine-Kreis Neuss district. It has 63,000 residents and its 16 neighborhoods reflect a blend of industry and historic charm.


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Alfred-Nobel-Straße 50,

D-40789 Monheim

Tel.: +49 2173 38 3125


The Dormagen site at a glance:

Workforce Approx. 1,200
Divisions & service companies

Crop Science



Address for visitors:

Chempark Dormagen
Visitor Reception Center
Neusser Landstr. 501, Gate 10
50769 Köln
Phone: +49 2133 51-1 (Switchboard)
Phone: +49 2133 51-3496 (Reception Gate 10)

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Frequently asked questions about the Dormagen site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Dormagen mainly work?

Dormagen is home to the Crop Science division’s largest and most important production site in the world. Some 1,200 employees at the Chempark here are engaged in producing crop protection agents. Currently, 34 different active ingredients are produced at the site, which was been in operation since 1962. The most important products include the insecticides Gaucho®, Calypso® and Poncho®.

Are there any remnants of Dormagen’s long history?

There most certainly are! The medieval town of “Zons,” in the neighborhood of the same name, was established in the 14th century and is still intact today. It is considered a unique example of a fortified, medieval town in the Rhineland region. The Old Town area of Zons has a number of different historic sites and objects to admire, even if some of the archaeological sites, residences, shops, wayside crosses and graves are only recognizable at second glance in this picturesque village, for example when taking the Zons Historic Sites Walking Tour (“Zonser Denkmalspaziergang”).  

What does Dormagen have to offer technology fans?

The Phono and Radio Museum in Dormagen has unique exhibitions for everyone interested in technology and history. Its two collections are exhibited over an area of 500 square meters with changing special exhibitions. Presentations and musical performances also are held here regularly, making this “hands-on museum” unique in Germany.

What highlights can families in Dormagen expect?

A section of the historic town wall in Zons today serves as an open-air stage. This place, where the Rhine once flowed and boats stopped to pay tolls, is now the site of the Zons Fairytale Plays, an over 60-year tradition. The performances of classical fairytales here have been organized since 2005 by the non-profit association “Märchenspiel Zons e. V.” and numerous other supporters.

What sports does Dormagen have to offer?

Dormagen has several athletic clubs. The largest is TSV Bayer Dormagen with 4,500 members. It offers a variety of sports for children, teens and adults and maintains its own athletic facilities. Apart from recreational and competitive sports, TSV also is committed to company health management.

Can you also enjoy the outdoors in this industrial town?

The Rhine meadows outside Zons are the perfect destination for outings any time of the year. South of Zons, this area was named an official nature preserve to protect, optimize and restore parts of the Rhine meadows, including an old Rhine loop diversion. The characteristic plant communities in this meadow habitat are part of a nationwide network and a valuable biotope.

Searching for a job at Bayer in Dormagen?

Here you can find an overview list with all current vacancies offered by Bayer in Dormagen.


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