Bitterfeld is a district of Bitterfeld-Wolfen (population: 45,000), in the borough of Anhalt-Bitterfeld. This hub of the chemical industry is 30 minutes by car from the cities of Halle an der Saale and Leipzig, both in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.


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Salegaster Chaussee 1

06803 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Phone.: +49 (0)34 93-355


The Bitterfeld site at a glance:

Workforce Approx. 750
Divisions & service companies

Consumer Health



Address for visitors:

Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH
Salegaster Chaussee 1
06803 Bitterfeld-Wolfen
Phone: +49 34 93-355
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Frequently asked questions about the Bitterfeld site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Bitterfeld mainly work?

Employees at the Bitterfeld Supply Center are engaged in pharmaceuticals production. Since the plant opened in October 1991, they have mainly produced over-the-counter drugs. For example, the world’s largest volume of Aspirin is produced in Bitterfeld in a highly automated manufacturing facility.

What is Bitterfeld’s cultural scene like?

Diverse cultural events take place in and around Bitterfeld-Wolfen: In addition to the Kulturhaus and Kulturpalast in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the area has numerous museums and libraries, as well as a book town right nearby.


    • Germany’s first book town
      Germany’s first book town is located in the formerly independent neighboring towns of Mühlbeck and Friedersdorf, not far from Bitterfeld. The 14 bookstores there are an attraction for avid readers, with over 300,000 used books. The book town is 8 km from Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH.


  • Wolfen Industry and Film Museum
    At the Wolfen Industry and Film Museum visitors can experience original production sets of past eras and see how the world’s first color movies were made. A permanent exhibit on the industrial history of the Bitterfeld-Wolfen region, an extensive camera collection and numerous special exhibits and events round out the program. The Wolfen Industry and Film Museum is only 3 km from Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH.


Can residents also enjoy the outdoors in this chemical industry hub?

Absolutely! "Grosse Goitzschesee" is the largest in a lake region covering 20 square kilometers, formerly the Goitzsche open-cast coal mine. This former open-cast mine was converted into a landscape art exhibit for the EXPO 2000, and today is a destination where visitors can swim, sail, surf, hike, run and cycle. Nature lovers can also go to nearby Dübener Moor, a forested area with numerous points of interest.

What other outdoor attractions does the area have to offer?

One highlight of the region is the Altjessnitz maze. This village, with its population of just 500, is only 4 km from Bayer Bitterfeld. Germany’s largest, Baroque maze was created here in the 18th century in the midst of the idyllic Muldeaue meadows. Two-hundred different routes in the 2,600-square-meter labyrinth lead to a viewing platform in the middle. The hornbeam maze and the surrounding park, with its old trees, are a preserved historic site.

Does Bitterfeld-Wolfen have any clubs or associations?

Bitterfeld-Wolfen has a very diverse array of clubs and associations. People with similar interests can meet in clubs for different sports, art and culture, gardening and more.

Searching for a job at Bayer in Bitterfeld?

Here you can find an overview list with all current vacancies offered by Bayer in Bitterfeld.


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