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Each of our sites is like a living organism, as countless processes must be coordinated each day. The uninterrupted supply of electricity, water and chemicals is essential. And should a problem arise somewhere, it must be rapidly dealt with. Our technicians and IT specialists have a demanding and exciting profession. You too can learn to understand and control the complex infrastructure of a global company – as a trainee at Bayer.

Willingness to assume responsibility

School graduates with an interest in technology can select from a wide range of exciting vocational training programs. Mechanics specializing in various disciplines, electricians and mechatronic engineers are responsible for the installation, maintenance and optimization of our modern production facilities. Our IT specialists steer these plants and oversee Bayer’s complex network and telecommunications technologies. This requires an understanding of and curiosity for technology, as well as the willingness to further oneself professionally and assume responsibility.

Course content and timeline

The main advantage of a technical vocational training program at Bayer is that it closely combines theory with practice. All theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for subsequent employment are acquired at a state-run or in-house training school and in our vocational training centers, which feature state-of-the-art equipment. You can gain additional broad practical experience through training in laboratories, production facilities, or specialist departments.


The exams held at the end of the second year of training and the final exams are organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. If you do exceptionally well in practical and theoretical training, you have the opportunity to reduce the standard duration of the training period by six months.

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