A practical insight is better than a thousand words? That’s what we think too – so why not come and visit us?

We organize internships for school students in grades 9 and 11 to give them an insight into what we do. Since we have very close contacts with the schools in the vicinity of our sites, we can only accept enquiries from schools rather than from individuals.

Your school coordinator needs to send us the following details:


  • When the internship is to be arranged
  • Number of students taking part and areas of interest
  • If known; name, address and date of birth of the students wishing to take part.


Enquiries should be submitted via your school about six months before the proposed date of the internship.


If you would like to take part in this program, please ask your teacher to apply for you.

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Contact for schools

Phone: 0214 30 4 67 84
Fax: 0214 30 7 49 46
E-Mail: schuelerpraktikum@currenta.de

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