Looking for a challenge in IT? We can offer you one!

Business data processing specialist (WIN)

Your dream profession

IT management in a global company is an exciting challenge. If you are aiming for a career in information technology and strive to assume responsibility at an early stage, our vocational training and study program “WIN” is the ideal training option for you, as it allows you to combine practical training in specialist information technology (applications development) with the study of Information Science for Business at a renowned private university (Bachelor of Science).

The background

To carry out its global activities, the inventor company Bayer needs highly qualified employees who ensure smooth information processing and telecommunications at the highest technological level. In this context, Bayer relies on optimally trained young employees. That’s why we have developed this nearly three-year vocational training and study program in the field of information technology for high school graduates.

Your personality

You are prepared to work very hard to realize your personal goals. Both the study course lasting nearly three years and your professional endeavors later on require you to display extraordinary commitment, tremendous specialist expertise and a high level of responsibility. Your strengths include self-initiative and an ability to work within interdisciplinary teams, as well as exceptional written and oral communication skills and good knowledge of mathematics, information technology, German and English.

Your qualifications

  • A high school diploma
  • Good grades in mathematics, information technology, German and English

Your training course

The practice-oriented Bayer study program “WIN” begins with a two-and-a-half year training course in specialist information technology. Parallel to this vocational training program, you begin an accompanying vocational study course in commercial information technology at the University of Applied Sciences (FHDW), a private institution in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. The modular baccalaureate study program takes place outside of working hours – on weeknights and Saturdays – as well as in study sessions lasting several weeks at a time.


The study curriculum comprises the fields of business, business information systems, software engineering methods, practical software development, databases, IT consulting and project management, among other disciplines. English as a foreign language is part of the study program right from the beginning. After a period of two-and-a-half years, you take the exam in specialist information technology at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cologne. The study of Information Science for Business concludes with a bachelor’s thesis in the final module (Bachelor of Science).


During the vocational training you receive remuneration as a trainee.

Your opportunities and perspectives

In all our subgroups and service companies, leading-edge information technology is used that is maintained and optimized by the experts of our IT specialist departments. Global business processes are steered, complex industrial facilities are planned, constructed and operated, and chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products are researched and developed.


Information technology thus plays a key role within our companies. In approximately 60 countries around the world, our IT experts are on hand to ensure that the global data systems function smoothly at all times and that the related technology is kept constantly up to date.


Against this background, we have developed this intensive, nearly three-year vocational training and study program for high school graduates in the field of information technology. We thus offer you excellent career qualifications. Following the completion of the study program, you are qualified to perform responsible tasks within this spectrum.

Your application

If you enjoy facing new challenges each day and would like to help us shape the future, don’t hesitate to apply here online for Bayer’s “WIN” training and study program.

How to apply

Have we whetted your appetite? If so, we look forward to receiving your application! Please note that we always launch the application process one year prior to the starting date for employment. To start considering your application, we will require you to submit a letter of application, a résumé (in tabular form) and your two last school reports.

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