Vocational training is not enough? We can help you build an even better basis for your career!

Bayer is a global player with a market presence in every region of the world. A worldwide presence requires world-class employees – in all fields. That’s why Bayer needs highly qualified young employees who are among the best available candidates in the fields of marketing, controlling, IT applications, technology, research and development.

If you are ambitious and strive to achieve a top position in your profession, we offer you an extraordinary opportunity to reach this goal. In four main areas, Bayer has created a special combination of vocational training and degree courses. Particularly gifted school graduates have the opportunity to simultaneously earn two or more degrees in a short period of time.


Our training partners include selected technical institutes near our German sites, as well as leading universities around the world. Yet regardless of whether you strive to achieve an international business career or want to shine in research or technology: every training course features a balanced combination of vocational training, academic studies and practical experience. Hardly any other training program offers you better perspectives for an international career.


Online application options can be found at the individual course sites.

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