Can’t decide what to do when you leave school?

Deciding what to do when you leave school is very important. Should you opt for a vocational training course or a period of academic study, or a combination of the two? And what type of job are you interested in - something in science or technology or administration? There are many options for you to choose from. But remember, your choice is only the start of your career. Evidently, we cannot make this important decision for you. But we can provide some information on Bayer to help you make an informed choice. Why not surf our site and find out what we can offer.

Your opportunities

To give you an insight into the opportunities available and help you experience our company "in the flesh", we also offer work experience internships for school students.

Important note

Whatever vocational training course you decide on, remember you have to apply to us in the September of the year before you want to start. We look forward to hearing from you.