R&D IT: Information technology for world-class research and development

Digitalization is opening up new possibilities in many areas, including research and development at Bayer. R&D IT supports the entire research and development process, from identification of a potential active substance candidate to its successful market launch and beyond.

Under its guiding principle, “Enabling Word Class R&D,” R&D IT plans, develops, implements and operates customized IT solutions for Bayer's Research and Development departments. IT business partners first work closely with researchers to determine the optimal IT support they need for their work, then the project managers, consultants, application managers, developers and application specialists implement the results in projects. With help like this from R&D IT, Research and Development can continuously increase its efficiency and free up capacities for new business processes and innovations. Some 200 people work in R&D IT in Germany, primarily at the German sites where research and development is conducted: Berlin, Leverkusen, Wuppertal, Monheim and Frankfurt. Outside Germany, R&D IT has locations at Bayer's other research centers: New Jersey, USA; Peking, China; Osaka, Japan.


R&D IT for Pharmaceuticals

To support research and development in the Pharmaceuticals Division, individual teams exist for each phase: research, development, clinical study and registration. The 140 experts in this area work on how processes and systems can be continuously optimized to deliver the best-possible results and decision-making criteria. They focus on how to handle big data from genomics studies, substance libraries, high-throughput screening, chromatography processes, pharmacovigilance databases and clinical studies as well as health data. R&D IT helps to filter this data, culling from it the most relevant information. We want to learn from this information how to develop drugs in a more targeted process, with greater efficacy and fewer side-effects, and ultimately to contribute to the better quality of life afforded by personalized medicine. Modeling and simulation applications additionally help, for instance, to determine how specific active substances behave inside an organism or to optimize doses in clinical studies.

R&D IT for Crop Science

For the Crop Science Division, R&D IT has dedicated teams for chemical and biological research, shared systems and development. Their tasks include capturing and analyzing laboratory results, automating research processes, providing mobile support for field research and modeling and simulating research data.

How can working in R&D IT best be described?

Flat hierarchies, open-plan offices and informal working relationships are just some of the key features you’ll find in the R&D IT community. There also are diverse opportunities for career development and always new tasks to master.


R&D IT employees

In the following videos, employees from various units of R&D IT explain what they like most about their work, what experience they have acquired to date and why they feel they are in good hands at Bayer.


Viktoria Erikson

Viktoria Eriksson is a junior professional in R&D IT at Bayer Business Services. She works on the question of how to get the most informative results from bioinformatics research using computer-assisted methods. After completing her PhD and post-doctoral work in biochemistry and molecular biology, she relocated from the Netherlands to Germany for her new job. She talks about her career in her video profile, reveals what she likes so much about working for Bayer, and explains her particular role in assisting Research and Development at the company.



Barbara Gniech

Barbara Gniech is head of an R&D IT team in Bayer Business Services that develops and markets IT applications for chemical research at Bayer CropScience. In her video profile, she talks about striking the right balance between her family life and career, explains how she encourages her co-workers’ professional development and provides an insight into her own managerial career.




Carsten Stauffer

Carsten Stauffer is an IT business partner in Crop Science. In his video profile, he describes his career in the R&D IT community, what positions he has held at Bayer and how he works with researchers to provide the IT support they need in the laboratory and the field.






Getting started

R&D IT job postings are listed in Job Search under the functional areas of “Research and Development” and “Information Technology.” If you don't find a suitable position right away, we encourage you to take advantage of the option of creating an applicant profile and having the Job Alert function notify you as soon as a job opening is posted that matches your criteria. When filling a position, HR also looks through the registered applicants first and contacts them directly if their profile fits the requirements.