IT provides the basis for innovation

Bayer sees IT as a key technology. Digital processes and solutions are extremely important for many business processes – from research to sales. There are therefore challenging opportunities throughout the IT Community, i.e. in a wide variety of departments at Bayer AG, the CIO Office, in our divisions, service companies and country organizations.

Bayer's global alignment and organization means that an efficient, highly integrated and standardized global IT architecture is essential, along with specialized IT solutions tailored perfectly to users' needs.

IT specialists in more than 60 countries make sure that Bayer's global network runs smoothly and work on continuous improvements. They support and develop state-of-the-art IT solutions that are used to perform global business processes and plan, construct and operate complex production facilities. Research is another important area for IT specialists, for example, studies requiring large volumes of data and computer-assisted simulations. Last but not least, increasing digitization is constantly opening up new opportunities for proven IT experts in marketing, communications and sales.


IT know-how is required throughout the Bayer Group, at the holding company Bayer AG, the CIO office, in the divisions, service companies and country organizations. Although their work varies, they all have one thing in common: they need employees who focus on the benefits of technology for the company and users, rather than as an end in itself.

Bayer's IT Community

At Bayer IT is organized as a community, with teams at Bayer AG, the CIO Office, in the divisions, service companies and country organizations. Find out more:


Bayer's IT Community

Employment opportunities

To strengthen our teams, we are looking for students, university graduates, young professionals and experienced IT staff. Find out more about employment opportunities in Bayer's IT Community.


Employment opportunities in IT


The IT three: Doctoral thesis with Bayer / The doctoral candidate

Sebastian Dorok is in the final stages of his doctoral process. To put it very simply, it’s about the processing and analysis of extremely large data volumes such as those generated in scientific research. In his thesis, which he is completing at the university in Magdeburg, Sebastian Dorok is being supported by Bayer. Read on the Bayer Career Blog, what he appreciates about this cooperation.

The IT three: Doctoral thesis with Bayer / The manager

Karsten Tittmann has worked in IT at Bayer for many years, and regularly supervises doctoral and postdoctoral students in his function. In a triangle linking Sebastian Dorok, Horstfried Läpple and himself he coordinates everything from the company’s perspective. Read on the Bayer Career Blog, what makes cooperations of this kind important for Bayer and what he likes most in his job in the Bayer-IT.

The IT three: Doctoral thesis with Bayer / The advisor

Horstfried Läpple is a “BaySEN”. That means he is part of the Bayer Senior Experts Network: even after his retirement, he is supporting his former colleagues in Group-wide projects with his wealth of experience and expertise. He also advised Sebastian Dorok within the scope of BaySEN. Read on Bayer Career Blog, what it means for him, still being able to work for Bayer and what he likes to advise and pass to young people.

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