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New members of the finance community will experience a dedicated onboarding during their first weeks with Bayer. Furthermore every employee takes part in the development dialogue, a regular process with the supervisor and HR business partner to further enhance the personnel profile and prepare for the next career step.

Onboarding in the financial community

The managers take care of the introduction of new employees: interns, trainees, direct entries, and repatriates. People are an integral part of our vision. Therefore, attention to their development is granted right from the start.

During the first days at the financial community, every new employee receives key information to enable him or her to carry out the job effectively as fast as possible. In the initial phase, the new employee meets as many of his future colleagues as possible to facilitate the establishment of a network. Also, he/she is being enabled to start his/her job by understanding the basic mission, role, processes and systems of the community, the background of Bayer and by being appropriately technically equipped.


Personnel Development

In addition to the various personnel development measures at Bayer the financial community offers a dedicated training program with the aim to support the individual and job related development of employees by seminars and training initiatives.


Covering the financial community with its finance, accounting, controlling and tax functions, the training program is part of the systematic personnel development of each employee and allows the selection of basic and advanced training initiatives depending on the individual work experience and the planned personal career development.


The program is dedicated to employees of the headquarter organizations and the Corporate Center, and is also, at least partially, applicable for Bayer employees in the subgroups and service companies and their legal entities.


To support the principle of lifelong learning, the Financial Community Training Program Bayer offers a broad range of internal and external trainings as well as functional, technical, soft skill and vocal trainings which are geared to support the employee’s personal, job and career oriented development.


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