Digital Marketing – the team that gets things moving

Working as a consultant in the Digital Marketing unit is not just about exciting projects and new challenges. Our staff are part of a highly motivated community shaped by a strong team spirit, tremendous commitment and wide-ranging skills. Our strengths include a passion for our work, mutual support and sharing our knowledge. If you join our Digital Marketing community, you will have the opportunity to work creatively and independently, contribute your own ideas, pass on your enthusiasm to others, and get things moving.

Digital Marketing – the creative team

Responsibility and the freedom to be creative are key elements in the work of our marketing consultants. At the same time, they regard themselves as part of a team and are committed to sharing their knowledge and skills to drive forward solutions and provide efficient and effective support for their customers.


Regular team meetings encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience. Team events also have a firm place in our community and help to strengthen our team spirit.


In this way, the Digital Marketing team achieves its goals and is able to grow beyond its boundaries as Bayer's digital competence center.

Digital Marketing – the team that gets people on board

In Digital Marketing, you will be part of a reliable and highly motivated team of people from diverse backgrounds who meet challenges in a dynamic environment.


The dynamic atmosphere is due not least to the balanced mixture of people and expertise. The consultants at Digital Marketing come from a range of academic backgrounds, including information technology, business studies and engineering. In their daily work, the Digital Marketing team members also benefit from their experience of different areas of consulting and different sectors of industry.