Digital Marketing as a driver of innovation

How do I reach the relevant target groups at the right time, via the right channel and with the right message that strikes the right tone? The Digital Marketing function considers these and similar questions, and is the internal competence center and first point of call for any digitally related questions and activities at Bayer. With its creativity, new ideas and diverse range of skills, the team helps the marketing departments of all Bayer subgroups to develop innovative measures and so drive forward Bayer’s success.

Digital Marketing has developed into an integral component of all communications campaigns and become an important success factor.

The unit deals with “online marketing”, which covers all those measures used for marketing products, brands and companies that are based on new media and technical instruments with the aim of encouraging interaction with customers online and offline.

The team at Digital Marketing is devoted to this specific challenge and works every day toward driving Bayer forward in the digital world and boosting the Group’s competitiveness with its sound knowledge, expertise, innovative solutions and finely honed skills.

Digital Marketing – the team that gets things moving

The Digital Marketing business unit is part of Bayer Business Services and forms the first point of call for in-house consulting in all digital matters and activities at Bayer.

With its incredibly broad range of skills, creative ideas and diverse spread of experience, Digital Marketing helps the marketing departments of all Bayer subgroups in their quest to develop innovative measures. The team assists with developing digital marketing strategies and conceives and implements online campaigns for existing and new brands.

The work Digital Marketing undertakes is diverse and constantly poses new challenges. The team’s members have an international background and the set up offers plenty of scope for individual initiative and creativity, which creates ongoing opportunities for personal input and the chance to influence how things are done.

More about the Digital-Marketing-Team


Digital Transformation and Strategy – A Demanding Combination

My name is Daniel Hölzl, and during the gap year between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees I interned for the Domain Management team at Bayer Business Services GmbH (BBS) for five months. You can read my story on the Bayer Career Blog.

From Vienna to Berlin in Digital Marketing

Johannes Lettner is 24 years old and originally from Austria, although he now lives in Berlin. During a career event in Vienna last fall, I learned about the opportunity to complete a four-month internship in strategy development at Bayer Business Services in Berlin. Read more about his story on the Bayer Career Blog.

Be passionate, be creative, be digital!

Tina Baschin began her career with a binary study program in Internationally Business Administration by Bayer in Berlin. After her successful bachelor's degree in 2015 she changed in her role as a Digital Marketing Consultant of Marketing & Sales IT. You can read what Tina particularly likes about her job on the Bayer Career Blog.

Bayer: A Truly Global Company

Melissa Saw currently is a Global Digital Manager for Bayer Corporation based in Whippany, New Jersey, USA. She has been at Bayer for 10 years and worked in 4 countries. Read her story on the Bayer Career Blog.

Digital Career @ Bayer

In what areas can employees pursue a “digital career” at Bayer, and what qualifications should candidates have? Christian Pütter, who has been helping to advance digitization at Bayer since 2001, gives answers to these questions and insight into his own, exciting career in the Bayer Career Blog.

“Go Digital” – a really wide-ranging internship!

Information management in healthcare and digital marketing – a successful mix. Steffen searched for for an internship and came across a promising opportunity in Digital Marketing at Bayer. Read about it in the Bayer career blog

Valuable insights into how a major corporation works

Why not do an internship at Bayer to bridge the gap between bachelor’s and master’s courses and gain valuable practical experience? “Great idea to do this as an intern in Digital Marketing. Read about it in the Bayer career blog.

Digital marketing & agriculture – a great combination

Cathrin studies industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen am Rhein, majoring in agriculture and the environment. She completed her bachelor’s degree in agriculture at the same university and explains on the Bayer career blog, how this combination benefits her internship in digital marketing at Bayer.

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