Our expertise

The Digital Marketing team offers a wide range of digital services for the Bayer Group thanks to its diverse skills, training and expertise. We have positioned ourselves as competent partners –from initial brainstorming to the design phase, and from the evaluation of partners to the realization of projects. We identify emerging trends and design innovative solutions for Bayer.

Networking and knowledge transfer

To share the knowledge we have gained, both with other team members and within the Bayer Group, we have a very open communication policy. We are always ready to talk with colleagues and provide rapid assistance in their projects. We also have an extensive network of experts at all levels around the world.


We proactively drive forward our knowledge and take up the challenge of new topics and technologies.

Examples of our projects: Digital Product Services

Digital Product Services is one example of the projects we are undertaking. The aim is to broaden the product portfolio of our pharmaceuticals business by adding digital solutions. In this way, we create added value and enhance the treatment of patients.


Since we have a good insight into the business activities and products of Bayer's subgroups, we have used innovative pilot projects to highlight the potential of such digital services and establish them at Bayer.

Examples of our projects: Brand Support

A deep understanding of the business processes, language and needs of the various business areas at Bayer is another key strength of Digital Marketing and the basis for innovative programs like Digital Product Services.


For several years, our brand support consultants have worked closely with brand representatives, in some cases during the launch and pre-launch phases, to contribute the right expertise at the right time and help build an understanding of new products and indications among the relevant target groups.