Your career at Digital Marketing

The tasks of the Digital Marketing function are as wide-ranging as those of Bayer itself. Our role is to market and position Bayer's products via digital media in more than 100 countries. That offers you many career opportunities and options for development.

Joining us

The Digital Marketing function at Bayer Business Services offers opportunities for everyone from students to experienced managers. Here's how you can join our competence center:


  • We offer students opportunities to gain practical experience, for example, through a 3-6 month internship or by working on their bachelor's dissertation or master's thesis.
  • For university graduates with a degree in information technology, economics or business studies, science or agricultural studies we offer attractive employment and a great start to your career.


Experts and experienced managers are equally important to us. We offer a stimulating and innovative international environment, where you can contribute your skills and experience to help shape tomorrow's digital marketing world.

Training and professional development

Digital marketing is a highly dynamic field, so we have to make sure we keep abreast of the latest knowledge and technology. We can only identify, evaluate and utilize trends if our knowledge is up to date. Continuous professional development is therefore very important to us. An individual development program is established for every employee. This may include the following:




1)      Training and seminars on directly relevant or related subjects such as mobile marketing, content marketing, project management and leadership skills
2)      Attending conferences on issues such as eHealth and pharmaceutical marketing
3)      Job shadowing in medical institutes or agricultural facilities
4)      Coaching and mentoring by experienced managers
5)      Job rotation and foreign assignments to broaden your horizons and help you gain international and interdisciplinary experience


In addition, individual development activities can be defined in the regular Development Dialogue with your supervisor. You will benefit from our culture of open feedback. Younger members of staff always have the opportunity to work with more experienced colleagues so they can learn from them.


Career opportunities

The Digital Marketing competence center has three career levels:

1)      Consultants lead small projects or are involved in larger, more complex projects. This is the ideal entry level for people at the start of their career as it enables them to find their feet in digital marketing.
2)      Senior Consultants lead complex projects with an international scope. They maintain constant contact to senior management and prepare documents as a basis for decisions.
3)      Consultancy Managers lead programs and are experts in multi-project and program management. They have functional responsibility for more junior colleagues and act as coaches or mentors for those at the start of their careers.

There are also many other career opportunities. For example, you could take on responsibility for building up or extending digital marketing at a Bayer company outside Germany or drive forward digitization of a specific process step such as research or product supply. Digitization is one of the top priorities for the Bayer Group.