Your application

In view of the growing influence of the digital world, the Digital Marketing team is constantly looking for talented colleagues to help meet demand for digital marketing consulting in the Bayer Group and the related challenges. We are a team of people with complementary skills. We are therefore looking for team players who enjoy their work and are not simply focused on technology, people who recognize opportunities and can create value for Bayer's businesses.

Basic skills

Although we are a very diverse team, there are some basic skills and abilities we all have. Alongside presentation and communication skills, very good English is essential so we can work with marketing units throughout the world. Our attributes also include a structured, conscientious, and analytical approach so we can generate solutions that add value. When faced with conflict, we are considerate and endeavor to broker win-win solutions. We expect our new colleagues to do the same.

Specialist knowledge

Experience of the specific conditions in the pharmaceutical market and especially the marketing of pharmaceuticals is an advantage. We do not specify any specialist area because many of our projects require a range of backgrounds and training. Our team includes specialists in mathematics, law, information technology and marketing - all of which are important for our projects. What matters is that you enjoy what you are doing and are able to convey a passion for digital marketing.

The application process

The first step is to submit an online application in response to a vacancy notice. In addition to a full set of application documents (resume, educational certificates, references showing practical experience, your salary expectations, etc.), that includes a letter outlining why you would like to become part of our team.


We will examine the applications, identify suitable candidates and invite them to take a preliminary telephone interview with a representative of our HR department. The telephone interview normally takes 30-45 minutes. You will be expected to introduce yourself, answer questions on your field, and take a language test.


Applicants who pass the telephone interview will be invited to a personal interview lasting about 90 minutes. This will be conducted jointly by the team leader and a representative of HR. To prepare for this interview, candidates will be set an assignment in advance: they will be expected to prepare a short presentation (10 min) on a given topic. The interview will follow the presentation.


If the interview is successful, you may be invited to a second interview. The purpose of this is for both sides to get to know each other better and to discuss the conditions and work. At the second interview, the team leader often involves colleagues from other departments.

If you are interested in a position in Digital Marketing at Bayer, we would be happy to take the first steps on the journey with you. Further details of our requirements are set out in the vacancy notice for each position.