Our team: a healthy mix

Everyone who works for Bayer Business Consulting is part of an exceptionally well-trained, highly motivated and highly flexible team of people with a wide range of complementary skills and experiences. Our success is based on a healthy mix of people from around 20 different cultures and nationalities. About 40 percent of staff at Business Consulting is female. And our consultants come from a wide range of academic backgrounds with experience in many different areas of consulting and industry.


Although it works in a challenging and diverse environment, the Business Consulting team also regularly organizes fun social and sports events. Business Consulting not only maintains an open office but also an open feedback culture and has a great team spirit. The highlight is the twice-yearly camp that brings together the entire global Business Consulting team in Germany.

In addition, many employees are active together in their leisure time. For example, a large number of Business Consulting employees have participated in the Cologne Business Run, while the Business Consulting soccer team has participated in various tournaments.

Live diversity

At Business Consulting different characters, skills and cultures meet twice a year at the Business Consulting camp. All the in-house consultants come together twice a year for the Business Consulting camp.

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People at Business Consulting

Working for Business Consulting means being part of a diverse and enthusiastic team, enjoying a flexible and fun work environment.


Background of our consultants

The consultants employed by Business Consulting come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some gained industry experience at Bayer or other companies before moving into consulting. Others worked as consultants at external or internal management consultancies or started their career in science before joining Business Consulting.

Many of our consultants have a degree in business studies, but the team also includes scientists, engineers, psychologists and people from a wide range of other disciplines. This broad spectrum of expertise is leveraged in the projects we undertake for the Bayer Group.