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Business Consulting was established in Leverkusen in 2006 and now has German offices in Leverkusen and Berlin. We have around 90 consultants who serve customers in the Bayer Group, principally in the following areas: research & development, marketing & sales, technical operations, supply chain, service function & business performance, post-merger integration, and change management.

Mirroring Bayer's corporate structure, our industrial focus is on healthcare (including pharmaceuticals, medical technology, consumer care, and animal health), agriculture, and material science.


If you are interested in joining Business Consulting in Germany, please see our current vacancies. You can apply directly online. All vacancies at Business Consulting worldwide can also be found by accessing the "Inhouse Consulting/Strategic Planning" Functional Area in the Job Search section without selecting a country.


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The Bayer Group's head office and the headquarters of Bayer HealthCare and Bayer Vital are in Leverkusen, Germany. The site counts around 15.000 Bayer employees. Business Consulting is also headquartered in Leverkusen. A total of 90 consultants work in the offices in Leverkusen. They are engaged in a wide range of projects in many areas of the Bayer Group. Most of Business Consultings employees live in Düsseldorf or Cologne and surroundings where a large offer of cultural, sports, and other leisure activities can be found.



Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and Business Consulting are based in Berlin-Wedding, Germany. A small group of consultants based in Berlin focus mainly on Pharma projects in the fields of marketing & sales and research & development. Consultants have the option to choose between Leverkusen and Berlin as their home base.

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