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What you ever wanted to know about Business Consulting.

Tips on applying to Business Consulting

Does BC prefer graduates from specific disciplines?

Our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds, with university degrees in economics, engineering and science, but we also have an increasing number with degrees in fields such as medicine, law and psychology. Many also have a second qualification such as an MBA or Ph.D. We deliberately recruit consultants from different disciplines and make sure our teams include people from a balanced mix of backgrounds. For us, diversity means a stimulating mixture of people with differing interests and experience.

When is the closing date for applications?

There are no fixed dates for applying to BC. We welcome applications at any time. Ideally you should apply at least three months before you would like to start working for us.

Do you reimburse travel expenses for attending the selection day at BC?

Yes. Please keep the invoices and tickets and send them to our office after the selection day.

Do international candidates have to take any particular requirements into account?

The application documents required vary slightly in different countries. In Germany, it is important to submit evidence of your achievements (copies of degree certificates and references from employers) as well as a cover letter and resume.

Do international candidates have to be able to speak German?

English is our business language so a knowledge of German is not essential. However, at an interpersonal level, it is obviously beneficial to be able to communicate with colleagues and internal customers in German if that is their mother tongue.

Is there a fixed starting date at BC?

No. We recruit consultants, interns and students for diploma theses at any time of the year.

What are the entry-level options at BC?

BC offers consultants a clearly defined career path, advancing from consultant to senior consultant, project manager, senior project manager, associate principal and finally principal. Where you start depends on your profile and qualifications. 

Can I do an internship at BC?

Yes. Every year a number of students get the opportunity to do an internship of at least three months, working on projects that help them gain insight into the world of internal consulting and learn more about the Bayer Group’s various businesses. Interns work in a team of consultants and have close contact with customers. Click here for more information about internships at Business Consulting 

What kind of onboarding program will I experience at BC?

For a pleasant and quick team integration, we have developed a special onboarding process. During the first working week you will attend several informational sessions, get to know many colleagues and have the chance to establish your network quickly. Furthermore, you will be assigned a „buddy“ for the first months who will be your personal contact person for any matters or questions you would like to address.

What is a typical Business Consulting project like?

There is not really such a thing as a “typical” project. We undertake many different types of projects at locations around the world. However, frequent project types include advising customers on strategy implementation, sales and marketing studies, organizational design, integration of acquisitions and carve-outs of divestments, production optimization and definition of key performance data. A hallmark of our projects is that we provide customers with a full service from initial project design to implementation. That is why the average project runs for between three and six months. We work for a wide range of customers, entirely within the Bayer Group, especially the management of the holding company Bayer AG and the subgroups and service companies. This constellation gives us easier access to customers than external management consultancies would have, and we have a more trustful relationship.

What training and development opportunities are there?

BC places great importance on continuous employee development and therefore offers a wide range of internal and external training opportunities. You will develop your own individual training plan together with your supervisor, based on your abilities and advancement potential. Depending on your experience and interests, you will probably spend 10 days a year on training.

Are there opportunities to work abroad?

The structure of the Bayer Group, which has operations in more than 150 countries, means that most of our projects have a global focus. Although many of our customers are based in Leverkusen, Germany, even local projects tend to be international in scope. There are also opportunities to work abroad for limited periods (normally between three months and one year). For instance, we regularly carry out projects in North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to our base in Leverkusen, Germany, we have offices in Berlin (Germany), Shanghai and Beijing (China), Whippany (USA) and São Paulo (Brazil). In some cases, based on outstanding performance, it may be possible to transfer to one of our international offices. In that case, you will be expected to relocate to the foreign country.

Will I be given responsibility straight away? Will I have direct contact with customers?

Naturally. All employees have the opportunity to prove their abilities in direct contact with customers from the very beginning. None of our consultants work exclusively in the back office: in fact, our teams normally run their projects from an office assigned to them on the customer’s premises. That way you get to know the key decision-makers for each project at an early stage and work at a high professional level right from the start. Our aim is to give you responsibility as soon as possible. At BC, every consultant is responsible for his or her part of a project.

How flexible do I have to be as regards my place of work?

We normally work with our customers on their premises. That may be close to your base, at a different site or in another country. On our office day (Friday), our consultants normally work in the BC office. That fosters intensive sharing of experience with colleagues. If you are assigned to a project in a distant country, you will have the opportunity to travel home every 6-8 weeks.

Is there a fixed division of duties between consultants and customers?

Consultants work on projects with their colleagues in collaboration with the customer's core team. Your core competence is your knowledge of methodology, while the customers contributes specialist knowledge of their field. Project progress and the next steps are discussed with the customer at steering committee meetings, which are held every four to six weeks.

How long do projects normally last?

We support both strategy projects, which typically take between three and six months, and longer-term implementation projects. The time consultants spend on a particular project is based on their personal interests and development path, which are discussed and defined within the framework of our role model. If there is a strong overlap between a consultant's interests and a particular project, assignments may last more than six months.

How big is a project team?

On average, 2-3 consultants work on a project. However, sometimes several small teams are deployed on large projects. In this case, each team will be allocated specific workstreams.

Do consultants also have to undertake tasks within BC?

Consultants also undertake internal tasks, which they are free to choose on the basis of their interests and abilities. These include, for example, identifying and developing specific aspects in order to take up future trends in collaboration with customer or develop new projects, designing BC-specific training programs, organizing internal events, etc. 

How does the team maintain, share and develop knowledge and project experience?

We have a knowledge management team, which gathers all documents on past projects (e.g. as value-added papers, viewpoints, etc.) This knowledge base is made available to all employees, together with general information on project-related issues.

Our Account-Team meetings (for HealthCare, CropScience and Bayer AG) help keep our consultants up to date and ensure they are aware of the latest trends and developments in the Bayer Group.

In addition, we hold monthly colloquia with presentations and posters to share project experience. These are an excellent platform for asking questions and networking.

Are there internal team events?

Twice a year, we organize a BC Camp for all team members, including our colleagues from outside Germany. This lasts one-and-a-half days and includes networking, getting to know new colleagues, and driving forward topics of relevance for BC and the Bayer Group.

In addition, Department Days are held two or three times a year. These are an excellent opportunity to discuss specialist issues. Regular team events are also organized on a smaller scale within project teams.

Will BC help me find accommodation?

If necessary, the Bayer Relocation Service will assist you in the search for accommodation and in your relocation.

Do I have to specialize?


Although all new employees are assigned to a specific department, at the start of your career at BC we will make sure you gain broad experience of projects to give you an insight into a wide range of organizational units and topics. As your experience increases, you will specialize in a focal area. Our goal is to give you an extensive grounding in top management tools so you can use them to deliver our all-round consulting approach.

In addition, our Account-Teams meet up regularly to share the latest knowledge of their sector. Gaining a good insight into the various organizational units at Bayer is excellent preparation for transfer to a line management position at a future date.


What sort of (internal/external) personnel development programs does BC offer?

BC places great importance on continuous employee development and therefore offers a wide range of internal and external training opportunities. You will develop your own individual training plan together with your supervisor, based on your abilities and advancement potential. Depending on your experience and interests, you will probably spend about 10 days a year on training.

Does Business Consulting have an MBA program?

Individual agreements on sabbaticals are possible for consultants whose performance is outstanding.

How long do people stay with BC on average?

On average, our consultants stay with BC for three to five years before moving on to a responsible (managerial) position elsewhere in the Bayer Group. However, the exact timing depends mainly on their track record, personal goals and ambitions.

Is it possible to do an internship at one of your global offices?

We only offer foreign internships to people who have already performed very well on an internship at BC in Germany. Even in such cases, there is no guarantee that we can offer foreign internships as they depend on the needs of our international offices.

Does BC help interns find accommodation?

We do not provide active assistance in the search for accommodation, but we naturally provide a range of tips and links. In addition, our interns are very happy to help others.

How much do interns earn?

Remuneration is at market rates.

Do you offer internships all year round?



Yes, we offer around 50 internships a year. There are no fixed application deadlines.