A diverse spectrum of expertise

Bayer Business Consulting is involved in a wide range of projects in the Bayer Group and develops strategies and solutions for almost all organizational units. Our working atmosphere is geared to sustainable and long-term collaboration. Our approach is very similar to that of external consultants. The main difference is that we have a deeper insight into the structure and methods of the Bayer Group. We also have an especially close and trustful relationship with our customers in the Bayer Group, and are closely involved in the sustainable realization of programs and strategies. Sometimes we compete with external consultancies, and sometimes we work on projects in collaboration with them. In such cases, each partner plays a different role, contributing specific expertise to ensure the success of the project.

Our areas of expertise

Our team combines expertise in all consulting areas with the advantage of a deep inside knowledge of the Bayer Group. Covering the entire value chain we provide tailored solutions to the specific needs of our clients. Our customized support enables executives throughout the whole Bayer world to successfully meet present needs and anticipate future challenges. We help to secure Bayer’s long-term competitiveness.

Research & Development (R&D)

  • Leadership through strategy & governance processes development, portfolio and resource management
  • Innovation through digital opportunities (Information research, Customer centricity, Business Model Innovation)
  • Flexibility and growth through alliances and collaborations in Research and Development
  • Efficiency through process re-engineering, organizational design and performance improvement

Technical Operations (TO)

  • Development of Industrial Operations strategy & manufacturing footprint design
  • Optimization of holistic production systems with end-to-end supply chain view
  • Application of Operational Excellence methodologies and tools (Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement etc.)
  • Support of sustainable transformation, implementation and cultural change

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Development and /or optimization of efficient and reliable supply of required goods (“Source”)
  • Development and /or optimization of efficient and customer-oriented distribution processes (“Deliver”)
  • Development and /or optimization of smooth cash flow processes across functional boundaries (“Value”)

Marketing and Sales (M&S)

  • Market research / segmentation and portfolio analysis (“Understand value”)
  • Development of Marketing & Sales strategies (“Define value”)
  • Optimization and implementation of the go-to-market approach (“Deliver value”)
  • Measuring, steering and improving Marketing & Sales performance (“Monitor value”)

Business Transformation & Change (BT&C)

  • Management of transformations from a performance and people perspective
  • Development of functional strategies
  • Evaluation and optimization of processes, organizations and governance structures
  • Development and implementation of change concepts
  • Management of post-merger-integrations

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