Brand manager for Consumer Health

Brand managers for the Consumer Health Division oversee the brands of our OTC and health care products for the German market. As part of Bayer Vital GmbH, they are responsible for strategy and marketing planning and manage the market launch of new products.

The growing and aging world population represents an increasing challenge to public health care systems. As a result, self-care is becoming increasingly important for millions of people, and also for governments, health care systems and health care payers. In response to this trend, our Consumer Health Division offers consumers self-care solutions through its largely non-prescription (OTC) brands for the treatment and prevention of disease and for boosting well-being.


A number of steps must be taken to ensure the successful launch and marketing of a brand. The goal is to create a distinctive, readily recognizable product image.


A number of steps must be taken to ensure the successful launch and marketing of a brand. The goal is to create a distinctive, readily recognizable product image.


The Consumer Health brands marketed by Bayer Vital GmbH in Germany are among the most successful in the OTC sector. The auspicious history of our brands began in 1899 with the introduction of Aspirin, which is one of the world’s best-known and most successful pain medications. Today we produce some of the most trusted OTC and health care products in Germany, including Aspirin, Bepanthen, Bepanthol, Canesten, Elevit, Iberogast, Lefax, Phytohustil, Priorin, Talcid and others. Our extensive portfolio of brands to meet a wide variety of needs has made us the market leader in Germany.

What are the responsibilities of a brand manager?

Brand managers oversee one or more brands and are responsible for planning strategy and marketing activities. They conduct analyses of the market, consumers and the competition, then develop appropriate strategies for positioning their brands on the market and manage advertising efforts through a variety of measures.


Brand managers design innovative, multi-channel media campaigns that are implemented, analyzed and optimized on a national scale. They must be able to think and act in a way that meets the needs of the market and the relevant target groups. Brand managers must work closely together with a variety of departments, including Global Marketing, Trade Marketing, Public Relations and Sales, as well as with agencies.


In addition to monitoring trends in focus markets and the operational implementation of marketing efforts, they also launch new products.

What do we have to offer?

Bayer is an international research-based company that is passionate about innovations that improve people’s lives all over the world. Bayer offers an open and inspiring environment. We encourage you to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. It takes imagination, ambition and courage to find answers to society's most pressing questions. Following a successful start, as a brand manager you will have opportunities to work in different fields in Germany and abroad in the course of your career.

  • "I have already worked in many multinational projects and feel that Bayer is indeed a very global company."
    Kathleen Rieser | Senior Brand Manager Aspirin Pain, Bayer Vital, Consumer Health
    Leverkusen, Germany
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Our team

Bayer Vital's brand management activities for the Consumer Health Division in Germany are an exciting area that brings with it ever new challenges. We are also noted for our strong team spirit, which is characterized by a high level of commitment and diversified skills. Our strengths include a passion for our work, mutual support, and knowledge sharing. Joining Consumer Health, you will have the opportunity to work independently, contribute your ideas, inspire others, innovate, and make a difference

Our location

The Consumer Health business of Bayer Vital GmbH in Germany has its headquarters in Leverkusen. A total of approximately 15,000 people work for Bayer there. Most employees live in Düsseldorf, Cologne or the immediate vicinity and take advantage of the abundant cultural, sports and leisure opportunities that are available in Leverkusen and the region. For more information about what Bayer has to offer as an employer, see "Why Bayer."

What qualifications do I need to have?

To join the Consumer Health business of Bayer Vital as a brand manager, you must have a degree in economics, preferably with an emphasis on marketing, or comparable training, and you need professional experience in marketing in the OTC or FMCG sector. You must also have strong strategic, analytical and communications skills and the ability to assert yourself and persuade others.

Your application

We regularly have job openings in the field of brand management. Take a look at our job listings or find an overview of available positions in marketing at Bayer’s Consumer Health division here. You will find a variety of useful tips for applying for a job with Bayer in our guide for applicants.