Postdoc program in pharmaceutical research

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture. As an innovation company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Our products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. Bayer values the passion its employees have for innovations and gives them the strength to make changes. You, too, can bring your passion for research to the company and benefit from our outstanding postdoctoral program.


The Postdoc Program of the Pharmaceuticals Division’s Drug Discovery unit is aimed at exceptional, innovative young scientists who are about to obtain their doctorates or have recently done so at a top-class institution. Given the interdisciplinary approach in drug discovery, there are options for a whole host of specialties (chemistry, biochemistry, biology, human/veterinary medicine, IT, etc.). Ideally, you will already have published a number of articles in influential science journals detailing impressive research results and will be at home in an English-speaking research environment.

Drug Discovery at Bayer Pharma

The Drug Discovery unit in Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division provides the ideas, target structures and molecules that go on to produce new drugs for the future treatment of patients in the course of (pre)clinical development. Our research and development activities focus on diseases with a high level of unmet medical need, including cardiovascular, pulmonary and renal diseases, gynecological disorders, eye diseases, blood disorders and malignant tumors. Interdisciplinary, innovative teams from areas such as pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and preclinical/early clinical development at numerous international sites working with external cooperation partners are the driving force behind research and development activities for new drugs. A total of around 1,000 scientists at the major research sites in Berlin, Wuppertal and Monheim are working on developing drugs to improve patients’ lives.

What the Postdoc Program offers you

The postdoctoral program is designed to last two years, with an optional extension of a further year. It offers you an exceptional opportunity to experience research or early clinical development at a world-leading pharmaceutical company. You will obtain detailed insights into Bayer’s industrial, scientific research work and will benefit from cooperative dialog with other members of the research team in your unit.


Positions within the Postdoc Program are available in oncology, cardiovascular and renal research, gynecology, ophthalmology and medicinal chemistry. Program components include:


  • Supervision by a mentor who will facilitate your initial steps in pharmaceutical research
  • Carrying out an independent research project in an industrial environment
  • Excellent teamwork with instruction of lab technicians and students
  • Participation in congresses and scientific networks
  • Publication of innovative research results
  • Training modules in e.g. project management


Your tasks during the postdoctoral program in pharmaceutical research and development may include:


  • Evaluating pathomechanisms and identifying new kinds of target molecules as a starting point for new drug development programs
  • Introducing and characterizing new preclinical in-vitro and in-vivo model systems
  • Characterizing mechanisms of action for innovative chemical compounds
  • Scientific planning, evaluation, interpretation and presentation of experimental studies
  • Forming part of interdisciplinary and cross-functional project groups and working with academic partners


The start date of your Postdoc Program will be agreed individually with you. Options are available at various sites. The insights and experience you obtain during the program will give you the best possible career prospects going forward. Naturally, you will receive a competitive salary along with many of the options and benefits that make working at Bayer so attractive and enjoyable.

What comes after the Postdoc Program?

Once you have completed the postdoctoral program, you will have excellent and varied career opportunities at industrial research companies in Germany and other countries. You will also still have the option of returning to the academic world.

Bayer – maybe a bit too big for me?

My name is André Puetz and I am Head of Biotransformation & Bio catalysis in the Engineering & Technology department of Bayer. Like many young people who have just finished school, I wasn’t quite sure at the time what I wanted to do in the future. Vocational training or university, humanities or science? And where could I work in the future?

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What do participants say? Here they share their personal experience


Léo Marx - about the Postdoc program


Léo, originally from Strasbourg in France, is one of the graduates of Bayer’s Postdoc program. Driven by a desire to gain practical experience in pharmaceutical research in industry he found a place in Medicinal Chemistry at our research site in Wuppertal, Germany.





Postdoc in the Bayer – DKFZ Joint Lab


Rafael decided to do his postdoc as scientific manager at the Bayer – DKFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum) Joint Lab in Cancer Immunotherapy. Read in his contribution to the Bayer Career Blog about his experiences developing new therapies that help the immune system to fight cancer and what he likes about working at Bayer.

Current vacancies and application process

If you are interested in obtaining a place on Drug Discovery’s Postdoc Program, then search for open positions in the Job Search and apply for the job posting of your choice. Please write your application in English and indicate on your covering letter when you would be available to start. We look forward to receiving your application!