November 21-23, 2019, at Burg Hemmersbach, Kerpen

Data Science for A Better Life

Where the brightest minds in academia and industry meet & exchange
Bayer’s global Data Science workshop │Burg Hemmersbach November 2019

Now more than ever, experts in the healthcare and agricultural industries are leveraging Data Science to unlock new value for patients and for farmers. As an innovation leader in both industries, Bayer is passionate to build stronger bridges between Data Science experts in industry and in academia, in order to foster a fertile space for new ideas to be born, shared and improved.

The workshop

We invite you to join our prestigious workshop “Data Science for A Better Life 2019” and meet Data Science experts from our across Bayer’s global R&D organization. This workshop is intended for doctoral candidates, postdoctoral scientists, and graduates with relevant experience in the field of data science.

The workshop, which will take place in the historic castle of Hemmersbach near Cologne, Germany is an excellent opportunity for you to both present your research and learn about Bayer's Data Science driven R&D projects. The breadth of data science at Bayer R&D include the following among many others:

  • Identification and validation of novel targets and biomarkers for the discovery of drugs and crop protection agents
  • Identification and optimization of novel compounds and biologics by means of innovative computational methods
  • Advancing translational data science and data-driven decision making by semantic web technologies, data and text mining methods, and integrative graph modelling
  • Analysis of massive, heterogeneous chemical/biological data sets with machine learning techniques like deep learning
  • Modeling & simulation-based prediction of pharmaco-/toxico-kinetic and -dynamic aspects of new compounds and other innovative modalities
  • High-content image analysis and phenotyping (from cellular level up to full organisms)
  • Design, implementation and application of novel bioinformatics and data management tools, custom workflows and pipelines


Day 1 (evening)
The event will begin with an introduction to Bayer and its core lines of business: Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science and Consumer Health. Once we get that formality out of the way we will dedicate the rest of the evening for an interactive networking event. This will enable you to meet the data science experts within our company as well as your peers who have been selected to take part in this exclusive event and travelled from around the world to share their research with you.

Day 2 (full day)
The second day of the workshop will be split in half – during the first half you will get a chance to present your research to Bayer experts via an interactive poster session (we will provide you with detailed guidance in advance how to best prepare for this event).
During the second half of the day you will be taken on a “guided tour” of select Bayer R&D projects which showcase diverse applications of Data Science in healthcare and agriculture, including a focus on proprietary methods developed currently in company.
We anticipate this format to stimulate and spark many ideas and therefore will dedicate ample time throughout the whole day for moderated discussions in small groups, mixing peers and Bayer experts.

Day 3 (half day) 
On the last day of the event we will give you the opportunity to get trained in some basic principles and techniques relating to “Human Centric Design” – an approach broadly used at Bayer when applying Data Science to real-world problems. This approach puts the “human factor” into the design of data driven solutions, addressing our “users” personalities, behaviors, attitudes, fears, ambitions, etc.

Your profile

You are in early stages of your professional career or in the final stages of your PhD / Postdoc tenure. You are experienced, enthusiastic, and deeply committed to applying your data science skill sets in solving the world’s biggest challenges in health and nutrition. Your background includes one or more of the following fields: computational biology/biochemistry, computer science, machine learning, mathematics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, systems biology /pharmacology, structural bioinformatics; physics, engineering other related data science fields with a focus on theory and / or application of computational methods.

In addition, you should be highly skilled in using high-performance computing environments and comfortable handling large data sets in a high-level programming or scripting language. You should have strong skills in applying standard methods and software packages in computational life sciences, or offer a strong background in the development of computational and mathematical models. A sound track record of scientific achievements would round up your scientific excellence.


The following video shows the impressions of the workshop in 2015 in Berlin, Germany.



Thank you very much for your interest in our Workshop "Data Science for A Better Life 2019".

If you are interested in participating, please apply online with your complete application documents (cover letter (max. 400 words), CV (max. 2 pages), certificates) by 16 September 2019 at the latest. We will cover all travel and accommodation costs for invited participants.

If you are unable to apply for this year’s event but wish to take part in our event in 2020 (dates and location TBD) – please fill out this application and leave a comment.

Do you have questions? Please drop us an e-mail at