Networking and entry-level opportunities for upcoming scientists

We offer doctoral candidates and postdocs in various disciplines excellent prospects for sharpening their profile and rounding out their academic basis. Here you can find an overview of the wide-ranging opportunities for young research scientists and take a look at the support offered by the Bayer Foundations.

Do your PhD at Bayer

Did you graduate in biology, chemistry, IT, engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine or economics with above-average grades in the past two years? If so, we would like to offer you an opportunity to gain a doctorate at Bayer. We offer pleasant working conditions for your research project and plenty of opportunity for interdisciplinary contact to colleagues within our organization. You can apply directly for one of the vacancies posted in our Job Search portal if there is a topic that interests you or register your topic proposal in our applicant database. Please use the “Create personal applicant profile” link or - if you have already set up a profile - “Login for applicants.” You can download a brochure with important information about writing a thesis at Bayer in Germany.

Support from the Bayer Foundations

The Bayer Fellowship Program run by the Bayer Foundations supports ambitious young scientists. There are several scholarship programs that assist talented young people in Germany and abroad while they are preparing their final project or thesis and give them a successful start in their career.


The Postdoc Program: your chance for postdoc studies in industry

Are you interested in gaining further research experience and additional qualifications as a postdoc at Bayer’s research facilities in Germany or abroad? Bayer offers a range of opportunities for this. Most postdocs are employed on the postdoc program in the Pharmaceuticals Division, but there are postdoc positions in other areas of the company as well. Take a look at the postings in our Job Search portal or register your project proposal in our applicant database. Please use the “Initial registration” link or - if you have already set up a profile - “Login for applicants.


Scientific workshops: exclusive insights for young scientists


We organize special workshops for doctoral candidates and postdocs who are interested in discussing their research projects and career opportunities in research and development at Bayer.

Scientific Workshop “Cardiovascular Research @ Bayer”

This provides an excellent opportunity to discuss Bayer’s research and development projects in the field of cardiovascular disease, present your own scientific findings, and find out about employment opportunities at Bayer’s research center.

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Bayer Postdoc Workshop “Synthetic Organic Chemistry”

The Bayer Postdoc Workshop offers the ideal platform to discuss highlights of Bayer’s recent research work in chemistry and the life sciences, present your own research findings, and find out about specific employment opportunities at Bayer.

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Workshop “IT For Life Science @ Bayer”

Our “IT For Life Science @ Bayer” workshop is aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral students from a range of scientific disciplines who are keenly interested in information technology.

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Workshop “Computational Life Sciences @ Bayer”

This workshop offers you an opportunity to find out about IT-based research and development at Bayer in the divisons Health Care plus Crop Science and career prospects in the area of computational life sciences.

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research – The Bayer Scientific Magazine

Looking for more information on Bayer’s areas of research? Why not take a look at research - The Bayer Scientific Magazine, which provides regular insights into current and recently completed research projects.


Job Search

Bayer has launched a new recruiting system that makes it faster and easier for you to apply. Therefore we have two Login-possibilities:

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