International Trainee Program Accounting (IFM)

Management needs fast and reliable information in order to steer its business. This safeguards competitiveness and builds trust among stakeholders. Accounting at Bayer compiles financial information and provides it to management, employees, stockholders and the public. Timely and reliable information enables the Board of Management to better steer the company and to make strategic decisions based on sound data.

Your program

During your 18-month international trainee program for financial management you will gain a comprehensive overview of all functional areas in our global accounting organization. You will experience the accounting processes in all stages first-hand. Staying in different functions and departments in Germany and abroad you will build a strong professional network. Accounting is an international, highly communication-driven function. Depending on your skills and fields of interest you will be assigned to challenging and exciting activities in our global accounting organization:


  • Take part in preparing and publishing internal and external reports compliant with legal requirements (IFRS) and the Accounting principles and policies at Bayer
  • Support the steering and management of worldwide accounting organization, processes and systems
  • Act as a valued business partner in Accounting towards the Division management and support decision-making and performance steering


Passing through a range of different stations within accounting and adjacent functions like Controlling, Auditing and Finance you will constantly face new and exciting tasks and challenges.




A stay abroad is an integral part of your program, enabling you to gain international experience and start to build your global network.


At the end of your trainee program, you will be prepared to take on a challenging role in Accounting.


Continuously accompanied by personnel development, training and mentoring, you will have a wide range of promising job and career opportunities in the finance and business functions of our global organization. You will be prepared for new assignments through individual and cross-functional development activities.


Your application

Here you can refer to the application form "Accounting Trainee (m/f) - International Financial Management Trainee Program" for your conveniance. 

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