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As you begin your career, it’s important to find opportunities that will help you build a strong professional foundation while developing specific expertise. Our series of specialized graduate programs allow you to build on your academic achievements and begin to make an impact in your chosen field. The programs prepare you for a career that turns your passion and ideas into powerful solutions to the world’s most crucial concerns.

Future Leadership Program in Product Supply

Open to pharmacy graduates interested in the challenging field of product supply.


Global Trainee Program for Supply Chain Management

We’re looking for top candidates to pursue global careers in supply chain and logistics management.


International Trainee Program in Clinical Development

Gain experience within Clinical Development Operations at Bayer.                                                                                        


International Trainee Program for Production Management

Get insights into the production process at Bayer Animal Health and Consumer Care.


International Trainee Program for

Engineers can gain deep knowledge about manufacturing sites and subgroups at Bayer.                                                     


International Program for Procurement Management

Gain international experience within various Bayer procurement areas around the world.


International Trainee Program for Human Resources Management

An international trainee program in human resources, conducted in Germany and abroad.


International Trainee Program for Financial Management

Prepare for a financial management career in controlling, accounting, finance or auditing.


Trainee Program in Marketing & Sales at Bayer Vital GmbH

Gain experience within Marketing and Sales at Bayer Vital GmbH.



Trainee Program in Marketing, Sales and Development at CropScience Germany

Gain experience in Marketing, Sales and Development at Bayer CropScience Germany.


Communications traineeship

Get insights into communications at Bayer in Germany.                                                                                                          


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