Inhouse Consultant at Business Consulting

Business Consulting, the Bayer Group’s internal management consultancy at Bayer Business Services, is one of the leading inhouse consulting organizations with offices in Leverkusen, Berlin, Whippany (New Jersey), Beijing, Shanghai and São Paulo. A dedicated global team of 160 highly qualified consultants helps the holding company Bayer AG and its subgroups and service companies realize sustainable value for the Bayer Group. Business Consulting offers a broad spectrum of specialist expertise covering strategic, organizational and performance-related issues. It develops tailor-made solutions and facilitates their implementation. In short, Business Consulting is the global competence center for management consulting in the Bayer Group. More information can be found in the Business Consulting Profile in the “Functional Areas” section.

Working for Business Consulting

Bayer Business Consulting is involved in a wide range of projects in the Bayer Group and develops strategies and solutions for almost all organizational units. It is a fascinating and challenging area of work, as described by the staff of various offices in the film. In the meantime some of the people interviewed in this video developed in new functions.

Getting started

With a completed master or diploma degree you start with us as a consultant. In the consulting projects, you quickly assume responsibility and work on independent task packages. You are in direct contact with customers and fellow consultants - depending on the location of the project in Germany or abroad - and get immediate insight into the different areas of the Bayer Group.

Your development

Developing consulting and management talent is among the most important tasks of Bayer Business Consulting. Systematic training and preparation mean that, after a few years as a consultant and senior consultant, you will be ideally equipped to take on greater responsibility as a project manager within Business Consulting or pursue a management career within the Bayer Group. 

We devise a structured and personalized program to foster your professional and personal development:

  • Customized training program with seminars and internal training (an average of 10 days a year)
  • Coaching and on-the-job training
  • Systematic and detailed feedback to ensure targeted development

Your profile

  • Excellent university degree in economics, engineering, science, psychology, pharmacy or medicine, preferably with a further qualification such as an MBA or Ph.D.
  • First professional experience, ideally in external or inhouse management consultancy or in a strategic position at an industrial company (through internships or first relevant work experience after study completion)
  • Several months’ experience of working/studying abroad
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Willingness to work on international assignments
  • Very good analytical and communication skills

Your application

Business Consulting is regularly on the lookout for new recruits to join its team as a inhouse consultant. If interested, please apply online via our Bayer Career Website.

Staff interviews

The staff video interviews on our YouTube channel provide a very personal insight into the working environment, tasks and interaction among staff at Business Consulting.


What is a typical Business Consulting project like?

There is not really such a thing as a “typical” project. We undertake many different types of projects at locations around the world. However, frequent project types include advising customers on strategy implementation, sales and marketing studies, organizational design, integration of acquisitions and carve-outs of divestments, production optimization and definition of key performance data. A hallmark of our projects is that we provide customers with a full service from initial project design to implementation. That is why the average project runs for between three and six months. We work for a wide range of customers, entirely within the Bayer Group, especially the management of the holding company Bayer AG and the subgroups and service companies. This constellation gives us easier access to customers than external management consultancies would have, and we have a more trustful relationship.

Do I have to specialize?


Although all new employees are assigned to a specific department, at the start of your career at BC we will make sure you gain broad experience of projects to give you an insight into a wide range of organizational units and topics. As your experience increases, you will specialize in a focal area. Our goal is to give you an extensive grounding in top management tools so you can use them to deliver our all-round consulting approach.

In addition, our Account-Teams meet up regularly to share the latest knowledge of their sector. Gaining a good insight into the various organizational units at Bayer is excellent preparation for transfer to a line management position at a future date.


What sort of (internal/external) personnel development programs does BC offer?

BC places great importance on continuous employee development and therefore offers a wide range of internal and external training opportunities. You will develop your own individual training plan together with your supervisor, based on your abilities and advancement potential. Depending on your experience and interests, you will probably spend about 10 days a year on training.

More questions about joining Business Consulting and the careers we offer? Take a look at our List of FAQs.