Together we can get your career off to a flying start!

If you have completed your degree and are about to embark on a career, Bayer could be the ideal partner. We are not simply an employer: we see ourselves as a partner who is interested in your advancement. Because that helps us move ahead, too.

We know we demand a lot. Completing your professional training or obtaining a good degree is only the start. We also expect graduates applying to us to show that they have grasped opportunities to broaden their experience, through internships that have given them a practical insight into their chosen field, a period spent working or studying abroad, interdisciplinary skills and the enthusiasm to tackle personal and intellectual challenges, for instance. And of course, we expect all the key qualifications that are so important in a modern corporation: team spirit, an ability to solve problems and good communication skills.

Scientists, engineers, IT experts and business administrators in particular will find we offer the ideal conditions for starting a career – or taking it to the next level. Whether you join us as an intern, trainee, doctoral studentpost-doctoral student or direct entrant, you will find an exciting career at Bayer.


You can find all the current job vacancies on our job search page. You can also register your own personal applicant profile. This will enable us to find you when we advertise new vacancies, and you can both collect interesting positions as favorites and reuse the information you have entered for more applications with Bayer. You can also set up a job alert to keep you informed of new vacancies that meet your search criteria.


If you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet for your job hunting, we recommend the Bayer careers app, which provides access to current vacancies at Bayer anytime, anywhere. You can enter a personal profile and request alerts to provide direct notification of new vacancies that meet your criteria. What's more, you can also forward interesting vacancies and recommend them to friends. Searching for jobs on the go has never been faster or easier! As well as information about job vacancies, the career app also contains information about the dates of career fairs Bayer will be attending and a quiz that enables you to test your knowledge and compete with other players around the world. 


You will find more detailed information about specific careers at Bayer in the service section under downloads.