LGBT+ life at Bayer

The world we live in is diverse, and that goes for sexual orientations and gender identities, too. That’s why Bayer wants to make sure that everyone reaches their full potential and that no one has to pretend to be something they aren’t. This philosophy is our foundation for developing our employees, building stronger teams, promoting creativity and innovation, achieving the best results — and for attracting brilliant minds and new talents.

Inclusion creates diversity

We all know of LGBT+ celebrities and politicians, and maybe even family members and friends, who are open about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Happily, the visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community, as well as same-sex partnerships, has sharply increased in recent years. Even so, being open about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in the workplace is still a problem for many members of the LGBT+ community. At Bayer, we see LGBT+ people as part of our corporate diversity, which helps us to look at things from different perspectives and find better solutions for our customers. A fair, respectful and appreciative attitude towards all our colleagues is therefore one of our fundamental principles – and is just as important as offering everyone equal opportunities for development.

And since inclusion is such an integral part of our culture, just like our passion for innovation, we encourage behavior that strengthens both. We’re open to new things – and trying them, and we appreciate and consider other points of view. Working together hand in hand and trusting one another are part of this, too. These are the things that let us create value.

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We appreciate the wealth of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives our employees bring to the Group. We are convinced that this has a very positive effect on our business. This is why we create a working environment that allows all employees to freely express their sexual orientation and gender identity.

BLEND & Encompass – working together for greater acceptance

For members of the LGBT+ community, being able to be open, both to others and to themselves, can often be difficult. In their professional lives, they may ask themselves: how will my boss and my colleagues react if I come out? Could my sexual orientation or my gender identity affect my professional development? Is there anyone in the company I can talk to about all of this? The global BLEND community brings together LGBT+ employees and their allies at Bayer to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and drive our inclusive corporate culture forward. At Bayer, no one, regardless of orientation or identity, should have to hide their true self.

BLEND is present in more than 10 countries, including Brazil, the United States, Spain, and China. The German BLEND group is active in Wuppertal, Dormagen, Monheim, Leverkusen and Berlin, and takes part in career fairs, organizes events and holds meetings where people can share their thoughts. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, BLEND members help LGBT+ employees.

Monsanto’s Encompass is a strong and active LGBT+ community. The group’s members have been organizing activities that support LGBT+ equality in the workplace for more than 10 years now. In honor of Coming Out Day on October 11, 2018, BLEND and Encompass joined forces to celebrate inclusion and diversity at Bayer.

Do you have questions about LGBT at Bayer? Click here to contact our BLEND network.



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