Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) - The Bayer Group’s knowledge retention initiative

The Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) is designed to utilize the knowledge and potential of retirees by employing them as consultants on important projects. Retirement is the start of a new phase in an employee’s life. It also involves changes for Bayer when the experience of long-serving employees, their expertise and broad general overview is suddenly no longer available to the company. This loss of knowledge will even increase in the future by demographic change. To counteract this problem, Bayer launched the Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) initiative at the end of 2010.

What is the objective of BaySEN?

BaySEN is an initiative designed to utilize the knowledge and experience of retired employees in business workflows in the future and thus make a lasting contribution to the company’s success. By providing a new platform for different generations to work together and learn from one another, BaySEN fosters diversity within the Bayer Group. At the same time, it meets the interests of many former employees who still strongly identify with Bayer and would like to continue to engage in the company for a certain time.

How does BaySEN work?

The BaySEN initiative is open to former employees who receive a Bayer pension, are at least 60 years old when they commence their assignment as a Senior Expert and have no active employment contract with Bayer (e.g. following the passive phase of senior part-time working). Candidates are of course welcome to register for the BaySEN database before they fulfill these conditions.

The capabilities are diverse. There is a high demand for specialists but also for retired employees with management and leadership experience. Interested employees and retirees may set up a profile in the BaySEN database. If their qualifications and experience match a specific requirement, and the customer is in agreement, they will be contacted by the BaySEN team and will be given an assignment accordingly. Once the customer and the candidate decide to proceed with the assignment, the Senior Expert receives a temporary employment contract from Bayer , the scope and duration of which depend on the assignment.


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