Why Bayer

Development & Teamwork

At Bayer we foster open discussions, sharing knowledge across our community and partnering with external networks. You can work in a diverse team with leading experts, leveraging global expertise and a shared passion to unlock new potential. It takes inspiring work with enthusiastic and smart people to turn pioneering ideas into powerful solutions.

Our culture supports its people through regular feedback, international and diverse teams, continuing education, and new opportunities. Find out how a job at Bayer will strengthen your skills and broaden your horizon.

Working in International Teams

The Bayer Group employs people from 127 countries. We therefore give high priority to working with colleagues and customers from different cultural backgrounds. Bayer welcomes this diversity.

We back every single employee and will help you perform your work to the very best of your ability – wherever you are from and whatever your background. A diverse employee structure is important for our company’s future competitiveness. You work with the most talented people, and we all benefit from enhanced problem-solving ability and innovative capability that are demonstrably linked to cultural diversity. That is the basis for our constant development.

Feedback Culture

Personal development of our employees is crucial and one of the most important ways we can support their development is through regular feedback. Alongside our Performance Management approach, we use our individual Development Dialogue as well as 360 Feedback to strengthen Bayer’s feedback culture and the development of our employees.

The Development Dialogue encourages managers to take responsibility for their employees’ development, while empowering employees to drive their own professional growth. During this dialogue, employees discuss their strengths, development needs, and career aspirations with their direct supervisor in order to agree on a personal development plan.

360 Feedback is a development tool to boost leadership by offering a clear picture of each employee’s performance from the perspective of colleagues and business associates. By helping our employees to enhance their unique strengths and talents, we continuously develop our organization and create a working culture where our employees are empowered to give their best, to learn, and to develop into their full potential.

Individual Growth through Learning

At Bayer we believe that learning is a lifelong process and are committed to investing in the education and the training of our employees.

This is why our employees benefit from extensive educational and training programs to encourage professional and personal development. Leveraging the talent that everybody brings to Bayer and taking advantage of the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives of all our employees is one of our key Bayer Talent Management Principles.

Giving future generations of leaders and experts the opportunity to grow allows continuous and sustainable development for both our employees and our business.

Bayer Academy

Bayer’s corporate university (the Bayer Academy) builds leadership and general management competence as well as functional expertise through high-impact and strategy and business-aligned learning opportunities.

Bayer Academy is an important part of Bayer’s Talent Management Strategy, the objective of which is to invest in the development of our own employees. Bayer Academy supports on-the-job development with systematic training programs and also assists our employees as they take the next career development steps.

Our seminars and learning opportunities are offered around the world in different languages and balance global and local needs.

Attending Bayer Academy learning programs is an invitation to shape Bayer’s future, exchanging ideas and experiences with colleagues and learning about the latest research-based knowledge that enables outside-the-box thinking. We actively involve our executives and strengthen cross-organizational collaboration, networking, exposure, and innovation.

Global Internal Job Board

One of our key objectives is to make career and development opportunities, across the entire Bayer organization up to senior management level, transparent to all employees in order to foster the internal mobility of our employees.

Therefore, we established an internal job board in 2012 to provide our employees with privileged access to open positions and make it easy for them to find out about new job opportunities worldwide.

By improving transparency and increasing internal career mobility, the job board helps to ensure that all employees find the job at Bayer that best fits their skills and ambitions.

Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN)

The Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) is designed to utilize the knowledge and potential of retirees by employing them as consultants on important projects. Retirement is the start of a new phase in an employee’s life. It also involves changes for Bayer when the experience of long-serving employees, their expertise and broad general overview is suddenly no longer available to the company.

This loss of knowledge will even increase in the future by demographic change. To counteract this problem, Bayer launched the Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) initiative. BaySEN is an initiative designed to utilize the knowledge and experience of retired employees in business workflows in the future and thus make a lasting contribution to the company’s success. By providing a new platform for different generations to work together and learn from one another, BaySEN fosters diversity within the Bayer Group. More

BLEND & Encompass: LGBT+ life at Bayer

Sexual orientation and sexual identity are integral aspects of every individual and should never be a source of discrimination or abuse. On the contrary, they are part of the diversity that characterizes us all - as people and as colleagues.

At Bayer, we have therefore set ourselves the goal of tackling prejudice and distorted perceptions of homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexual and transgender people (LGBT+). We want to create an environment where  everyone reaches their full potential and is valued as a person by their colleagues. Our BLEND (Bayer) and Encompass (Monsanto) networks are now far more than working groups of LGBT+ employees and their supporters. They joined forces and act as an international community full of ideas and visions that runs its own campaigns and projects. More