Other Benefits

We are proud of our employees and, in addition to bonuses and awards, we show our appreciation by means of special allowances, provisions and programs in Germany. This allows us to reward contributions to company success made by individual employees. The section on pensions gives further information on the range of benefits available to help our employees build up assets and safeguard their own financial security.


Employee Car Benefits

For Greater Mobility

When it comes to mobility, we assist our employees with a range of car benefits. These include discounts on new cars, favorable leasing terms, special finance options, as well as a comprehensive benefits package for managers.
Anniversary Bonuses

Long-Service Awards

Long-standing service demonstrates loyalty to the business. Bayer honors this dedication with a gift to all employees who are celebrating their 25th, 40th or even 50th service anniversary.

Stock Option Program

Our employees make a significant contribution to Bayer’s success. Consequently, we offer them opportunities to share in that success. The BayShare employee stock program offers employees and trainees in Germany an opportunity to purchase Bayer shares based on favorable conditions. A discount is applied to the market value of shares on a predefined date. The value of your shares should normally rise with the company’s performance.

Employee Funds

Bayer employees have access to two funds invested in stocks and in government bonds. The advantage is that they have far lower distribution costs than most other mutual funds, and the savings are passed directly to our employees.

Financing Options

Alongside savings, investments and a pension plan, home ownership is one way of providing for retirement. The Bayer Pension Fund and Rheinische Pensionskasse therefore offer mortgages to finance the purchase of real estate. Alongside mortgages for financing the construction or purchase of houses or apartments, these can also be used to finance renovations, modernization or remodeling.
Risk Protection

Supplementary Private Insurance

Life is full of opportunities – and risks. Here at Bayer, we offer a range of options with favorable terms to enable our employees to cover themselves against risk. This includes benefits for challenging circumstances, and additional private insurance plans, such as disability insurance or death benefit insurance.



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Bayer has launched a new recruiting system that makes it faster and easier for you to apply. Therefore we have two Login-possibilities:

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Online application - Login for applications after October 23, 2017

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