Promoting Health

We want our employees to have healthy lives and feel well. A good work-life balance is part and parcel of this. As a consequence, we have a variety of health and workplace safety measures that are easy to integrate into our employees’ working day.


Healthy Living

Good Working Conditions

In Germany, healthy working conditions are guaranteed by various General Works Agreements, such as “Lifetime working and demographic change” and “Shaping demographic change for non-managerial employees at Bayer." In addition, our occupational health management department provides a comprehensive service to promote healthy lifestyles. Annual campaigns on exercise, nutrition and mental health encourage our employees to become actively involved. Health officers provide information and advice on the many opportunities available here at Bayer.
Active Protection

Preventive Measures

In a bid to prevent employees from falling ill in the first place, we offer a program of preventive measures to promote good health. These include ergonomic work stations, a more regular Health Checkplus", convenient flu vaccinations, presentations, workshops, seminars and accredited courses on preventing a number of health conditions. Our “active lunch break” initiative, led by trained health officers, complements this comprehensive program for colleagues.

Finding Your Inner Balance

Relaxation & Stress Management

In life, all kinds of situations can arise; some of them unexpected, unpleasant and stressful. Employees can maintain their mental stability and discover ways to combat stress with the help of presentations, workshops, seminars and accredited courses. We provide our employees with confidential, professional support in the form of psychosocial counseling, which may also be available to family members in some cases.

Staying Fit

A Wide Range of Fitness and Leisure Activities

Exercise and fitness are good ways to unwind from work. We therefore offer a range of ways for employees to take part in sport and remain mentally active. Many activities are run by Bayer’s sport and hobby associations, corporate sports groups and other partners at several of our sites. With competitive and endurance sports, back care, singing and music lessons, and age-related health classes, there is a wide range of appealing, varied sports and leisure activities to keep body and mind fit and healthy.
Careful Eating

Healthy Meals and Classes

Our employee restaurants throughout Germany offer a wide selection of delicious, healthy meals. Many of our sites provide complementary drinks dispensers and fruit. Furthermore, Bayer’s training catalog offers classes on advanced nutrition.
Workplace Safety

Playing Safe

Whether in the testing facility, in the lab, in production, or in the office, at Bayer we consciously promote a healthy lifestyle and careful behavior in the workplace. This includes preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases, the early detection and accurate assessment of dangers, minimizing risks and designing a safe and healthy working environment. The global Bayer Safety Day takes place once a year.
Support in the Event of Illness

Guidance & Allowances

People facing long-term or serious illnesses, along with their families, find themselves in an exceptional situation. To lessen the financial burden of illness, we provide additional financial support to the employee in addition to their sickness pay, for a period of up to 18 months, based on their length of service. In addition, our employees will then be helped back to work by our vocational rehabilitation management department.