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For employees (m/f) and those who want to become employees:

Bayer Career app now with #BAYER360.


Interested in a career at Bayer and keen to have constant access to the latest job vacancies no matter where you are? Looking for dates for career fairs and information about getting started and building a career? If so, then perhaps you're already using the Bayer Career app. And if you haven't discovered it yet, there's yet another reason to download this versatile tool.

There's now a quiz included in the app that offers the opportunity to pit your wits against fellow players all over the world – any time, any place. It focuses on a range of topics, but naturally includes some surprising facts about Bayer.


All jobs at a glance, no matter where you are.

The Bayer Career app gives access to information about the latest vacancies any time, any where. You can enter a personal profile and request alerts to provide direct notification of new vacancies that meet your criteria. What's more, you can also forward interesting vacancies and recommend them to friends. Searching for jobs on the go has never been faster or easier.

All contact options – always up to date

Looking for the best way to contact us? With the Bayer Career app, you always know where you can meet us in person at careers fairs, congresses, events and presentations. Thanks to the app, we are always on hand to help in the virtual world, too. Thanks to the app, we are always on hand to help in the virtual world, too so you have direct access to all our relevant social media and business channels.

All the answers – test your knowledge with the Bayer Quiz

The current version of the Bayer Career app offers a fun way to build up and expand your knowledge of Bayer with an interactive quiz about the company, science, society and associated topics. Whether you're a Bayer employee or not, the quiz allows you to challenge other players from around the world using a personalized avatar. As well as competing to continuously improve your personal ranking by answering as many questions as possible correctly, you will also end up learning a lot of interesting and entertaining facts.


#BAYER360 - now also available in the Bayer Career app!

If you want to know what the working world and environment of Bayer employees, our laboratories and sites look like, the app will provide you with just the right #BAYER360-Videos. Explore areas of Bayer in 360° – as a "magic window" or in a cardboard.

Get the latest version of the Bayer Career app complete with Quiz and #BAYER360-Videos on your smartphone or tablet now! Thousands of questions, hundreds of job vacancies and valuable career information are out there waiting for you! 


The Bayer Career app is available for Android and Apple iOS operating systems.


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