#BAYER360 – the Virtual Reality Career Experience

The #BAYER360 – the Virtual Reality Career Experience campaign gives you the chance to get a fully rounded view of Bayer as an employer. Our 360° videos show you what our employer branding “Passion to innovate | Power to change” stands for and inform you about the career opportunities offered by Bayer.

#BAYER360 – the Virtual Reality Career Experience

Visit the Bayer Careers team at a careers fair, put on our VR headset and enjoy your very own virtual career experience. Alternatively, you can watch our 360° videos on your smartphone or PC. If using a PC, you will need an up-to-date browser that supports 360° videos. If using a smartphone, all you need is the latest version of the YouTube app and a good network connection, as our videos are high resolution. Simply click on the following videos to start playing them.

A collection of available 360 degree videos



Leverkusen Site Portrait

Make a virtual visit to the Bayer site in Leverkusen and learn more about life and work at our global headquarters in Germany.



Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an important factor in Bayer’s success. Find out more about entry requirements and career opportunities.

Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular research is one of the key pillars of our Pharmaceuticals division in Wuppertal.
Learn more about entry requirements and career opportunities.

Small Molecules Research

The Small Molecules Research team in the Crop Science division engages in indication research and cross-functional platform projects. Learn more.



Entry and Career as an IT Specialist

Find out more about entry requirements and career opportunities in IT at Bayer.



 Wuppertal Site Portrait

Join the virtual tour of Bayer’s Wuppertal site and learn more about work and life at the birthplace of the Bayer Group.



 Medicinial Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals

At the Pharmaceuticals division, medicinal chemistry is an integral part of our research activities.
Learn more about entry requirements and career opportunities.

Corporate Function IT

Our modern IT infrastructure offers interesting tasks and projects. Have a look at our entry requirements and career opportunities in IT.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry is a pillar of research and development in the Pharmaceuticals and Crop Science divisions. Learn more.



Entry and Career as a Pharmacist

Learn more about entry requirements and career opportunities for pharmacists.

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