Application Guide




Bayer has offered you a job? Congratulations! We look forward to you joining us. While you are waiting for your first day at Bayer, we will be preparing to onboard you because we want you to get off to a good start, settle down quickly and find your way around. We will also provide you with extensive information so you can find out more about the world of Bayer before your first day.

Hello Bayer

As soon as we receive your signed employment contract, you will receive access to “Hello Bayer", our official onboarding portal in the internet. Here you can find out everything you need to know about taking up employment with us. General information about Bayer and our sites, valuable checklists for new employees, tips on finding accommodation (e.g. for interns) and information on topics such as the structure of our compensation system, talent management and what we offer to help our employees achieve a good work-life balance – along with useful links and downloads. 


Now it’s up to us

If we offer you a permanent employment contract, we will also help you find somewhere to live. Depending on the distance from your new place of work and your contract, we may assume the real estate agent's fees and relocation expenses. If you are an intern, you should search for an apartment or other accommodation close to our site via external portals.


If you have been offered a job in Germany and do not come from an EU country, we will also help you obtain your work permit and residence title (visa). We will contact you in good time to request the documents you need to submit at the start of employment. If you do not yet have health insurance or have been insured through your parents up to now, we will automatically register you with the ProNova company health insurer. Please inform us in advance if you wish to be insured with a different insurer.


To make sure you can really start working on your first day, we will also prepare your workplace for you. We will ensure you have the necessary equipment, software and access authorizations, reserve a telephone number and email address for you and provide any special workwear you require.


Medical check-up

As one of the last steps before you take up employment with us, we ask you to arrange a  check-up with our company medical service. That includes an examination of your heart and lungs, measuring your blood pressure and pulse and taking samples of blood and urine to test for infections, diabetes and liver disease. The check-up normally includes an eye test and a hearing test.

Your first days at Bayer

Your onboarding will continue from your very first day at Bayer - with the support of your manager, HR Business Partner and colleagues. In many departments, that is supplemented by a special buddy program: you will be assigned a more experienced employee to answer questions in the early days and help you find your feet. The “Discovering Bayer” training sessions offer fascinating and wide-ranging insights into the world of Bayer. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network with other new employees, gain insights from more experienced colleagues or get to know more about the site where you work - with the support of your new colleagues and on your own initiative.