Careers events



Careers fairs, congresses, workshops and special events are excellent opportunities to look for employment. They are a simple way of establishing contact to Bayer. You can meet our University & Talent Relations team and representatives of Recruiting and various organizational units at more than 150 events in Germany every year. Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Public job and careers fairs are an ideal way to find out about companies, jobs and employment opportunities. They offer a good overview of the present employment market and the qualifications and skills required for specific positions. Careers fairs are mainly aimed at university graduates and other career entrants who are looking for attractive employers, internships and entry-level employment opportunities.

Meet the experts and get to know the company

In addition, students often have opportunities to attend workshops, company presentations and information events through their university. Bayer regularly invites PhD candidates and postdocs to scientific workshops. These provide exclusive insights into various  areas of the company and opportunities to talk personally to top research staff and Bayer experts.

There are also special careers events for specific disciplines. For example, Bayer regularly attends the World Business Dialogue, the world's largest international business congress organized by students. Upcoming chemists meet up at the JungChemikerForum.


Interested in meeting us at a careers fair? Click here for information on upcoming events.

How to prepare

If you are not sure what sort of job you would like to apply for next and would like to obtain an overview of the possibilities, you could visit a careers fair. Careers fairs are also an excellent opportunity to talk to your preferred employer(s). Unlike our online application procedure, they offer you the opportunity to talk directly to one of our recruiting officers or to representatives of our organizational units. That's why it makes sense to prepare yourself in advance.


It makes sense to make a shortlist of companies you would like to contact. For example, you should consider which companies you are most interested in and plan sufficient time for to visit their booth. Large and popular employers often attract many prospective candidates, so you might not be able to talk to a representative of the company straight away. You should also plan in breaks - you need to be fresh and awake even when you meet the fifth potential employer.


By the way, your outfit should also be appropriate for the company. When visiting Bayer's booth at a careers fair you should therefore wear the sort of clothing you would wear to an interview. If you have to travel some distance to the event, it may make sense to travel in comfortable clothes and shoes and change when your arrive.

How to make sure we remember you

Recruiting staff meet a lot of interesting candidates at careers events so being pleasant and likable is not enough to make sure they remember you. You should therefore visit our website and look at presentations to find out about us before the event. That will enable you to demonstrate your interest in our company plausibly. If you have a precise image of Bayer, you will find it easier to enter into a conversation and to present your strengths and abilities with reference to a specific position. After all, you want to convince us that you would fit in well at Bayer.


Want to remind us about you after a careers fair? Then send the person you talked to a brief email or contact us via our social media platforms. That is a good way of showing your interest in a vacancy.

Checklist for careers events


  • Prepare thoroughly before the event (if you are interested in applying for a job)
  • Refer to a specific job and to the company
  • Introduce yourself briefly and pleasantly
  • Contact us by social media or send us one email after the event


  • Treat the personnel at the booth impolitely
  • Use platitudes and show you have no idea about the company
  • Plan too many discussions in a day
  • Ask questions that show you have not prepared for the event