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You will find many attractive job opportunities in our Job Search portal, ranging from interesting and demanding internships to exciting and challenging positions for experienced professionals and managerial staff. This guide has been prepared to help you find out about vacancies at Bayer, how to approach us and the best way to apply.

Where to find interesting vacancies

Click on our Job Portal and browse through the postings to see if there are any vacancies that might interest you. On the right-hand side you can define the search criteria by career level, functional area, country, location and division or enter keywords.

Click on a specific posting to access detailed information about the vacancy and any special requirements.

The pages about our graduate programs contain information on application periods. During the application period, there is a direct link to the relevant vacancies on these programs.

If you would like to find out about general career opportunities at Bayer or are interested in applying although there are not currently any vacancies that match your profile, you should enter an applicant profile and activate a job agent. Click here for more detailed information on registering as a job applicant.

Our FAQs contain information on opportunities to join Bayer.

Apply online at Bayer

Please note that Bayer accepts online applications only via its recruiting portal. Every vacancy posted in our Job Portal is linked to an application form so you can apply directly for the position. Our online application wizard will guide you through each step in the application process.

The online application is an opportunity to give us as much information as possible about yourself and your skills, interests and accomplishments. You should therefore complete the application form conscientiously and attach a cover letter (letter of motivation), your resume (CV) and all relevant certificates and references.

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

You can upload attachments up to a maximum of 5 MB. The maximum size of individual attachments is 3 MB.

If you are interested in several vacancies, please submit a complete application for each vacancy. In this way, you can be sure that we receive all your applications. You can copy your data between applications with just a few clicks. When you have submitted your documents, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt for each application.

Incidentally... not every job posting refers to a single position. Sometimes, we are looking for candidates to fill several vacancies. In such cases vacancies may be posted online for a long time or may be posted again after a break.

Important: Change your password and user name

When you apply directly for a vacancy at Bayer, you will automatically have to register. Your access data will be sent to the email address entered in your application. We advise you to log in shortly afterwards with the data you receive. You will then automatically be asked to enter a new password. The initial password comprises a combination of letters and digits so it is not easy to remember. Besides, it is only valid for a certain period. When you log on the first time, you should also go to “Change User Name” to enter a user name you can remember.

Putting out feelers at careers events

Another excellent way of finding out about Bayer and the career prospects we offer is to visit us at a careers fair, congress, workshop or similar event.


Click here for information on how to use career events to help you find employment. Click on “Events” to view a list of upcoming events.